The World Mission Society Church of God Predicted The End Of The World In 1999!

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South Korean reporters televised an investigative report on the World Mission Society Church of God in 1999. The video provides documentary proof that the World Mission Society Church of God believed and taught members that the world would end in 1999. It also proves that the WMSCOG has a long history of:

  • destroying families
  • instilling fear in members with fear-mongering videos
  • convincing members to give large amounts of money, even if it means selling their homes and taking out loans
  • claiming that a nuclear explosion will destroy the earth
  • claiming that only Zion (WMSCOG churches) will be saved
  • convincing members that they will get a call from the General Assembly (Headquarters in South Korea) when the end comes

The reporters go into the WMSCOG undercover, after being denied entry. The reporters even visit Zahng Gil Jah’s apartment (before she moved into the “Jerusalem Temple”) where the person inside refuses to open the door. The reporters speak to one of Zahng Gil Jah’s family members who claims that when Zhang Gil Jah was just a member of the WMSCOG, she proclaimed that the world would end soon. The family member says that Zahng Gil Jah ultimately divorced her husband after she began attending the WMSCOG. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Kev says

    Crazy! I can’t believe that I have been lied to for 10 years. I just left this past week. The evidence is irrefutable.

  2. Brandon King says

    All heresay no concrete proof of anything. Just alot of slandering.

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