The WMSCOG Preaches They Are Saved From Disasters?

The World Mission Society Church of God preaches that by observing the Passover, they are saved from natural disasters.  That’s quite a claim.  Let’s look at it in detail.

The Claim From Their Official Site

If you’ve spent any time in the WMSCOG, you’ve heard this claim in person, but just for those who haven’t, here’s some examples of the claim from their official site:

In an online sermon titled “The Passover and the Seal of God“, the WMSCOG states:

God has made us His own by putting His seal on us through the Passover. He has firmly promised to protect us from any destructive disasters.

In an online article titled “Sacred Assembly Of The Day Of Pentecost 2010“:

Mother [the korean lady named Zhang Gil Jah whom they believe is a god] comforted Her children who had devoted themselves to prayer for ten days early in the morning and in the evening, and asked them to put their efforts into the Holy Spirit Movement to quickly lead the souls, who were trembling in fear because of the news about disasters, to Zion a safe refuge [the WMSCOG calls their church “Zion”], and bestowed the abundant blessings of the Holy Spirit on them.

In an online article titled “The Sacred Assembly Of The Passover 2010“, head pastor Joo Cheol Kim states:

The Passover is the most important feast to mankind, through which we can receive the promise of eternal life and escape from disasters.

Read anything related to the Passover on their official web site for ten minutes and you’re bound to come across something related to being saved from destruction.

The Claim From Their Official Videos

If you or anyone you know has spent any time in the WMSCOG, you’re well aware of the overly dramatic doom-and-gloom videos of death and disaster that they show their members. These videos are supplemented with messages that by sticking with the WMSCOG, you can be saved from disasters. This really plays upon people’s fear and anxiety. If you’d like to see what I mean, simply search for any of their videos on YouTube, and you’ll come up with videos like the one below:

Saved From Disasters?

That’s quite a claim coming from the World Mission Society Church of God.  Unfortunately for their message, WMSCOG churches do suffer during natural disasters–just like everyone else.  For example, click here to see their building that was damaged by an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Celebrating Correctly?

WMSCOG members might be tempted to claim that WMSCOG churches destroyed in natural disasters were not “celebrating the Passover correctly”, but there are a couple of problems with this claim:

  1. That would mean that you can be a member of the WMSCOG and still not be saved from natural disasters (which goes against their original message).
  2. Why not just call Zahng Gil Jah (whom they believe is God) on the phone and ask her not to send the disaster?

In Conclusion

In my opinion, playing upon people’s fear of death and destruction is at best disingenuous, and at worst a proven mind control tactic.  When your churches are destroyed by natural disasters, then what?  Claim that they weren’t “celebrating the Passover correctly?”  So are members safe from disasters in the WMSCOG or not?  In the World Mission Society Church of God, members never really know whether or not they are saved.

Update 2020: WMSCOG members believe that they are protected from the coronavirus by the Passover.

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