Saved From Disasters? WMSCOG Building Damaged In New Zealand Earthquake

The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) claims that they are safe from natural disasters. Unfortunately for their claim, one of their buildings was damaged in the earthquake that hit New Zealand on February 22, 2011.

No Official Mention

I can find no official mention of the church being damaged on their official web site as of July 14, 2011.  Even the WMSCOG blogosphere seems to be unaware.  (This post has since been deleted.  Here is a screenshot from an Internet archive).

Earthquake Damage

These pictures come to us from our correspondent in New Zealand.  In her own words she writes:

As you know we are from Christchurch New Zealand here we have suffered some big earthquakes that have taken lives and homes and churches alike. After the 7.1 earthquake in September that devastated a lot of Christchurch’s churches, WMSCOG members were gloating that their church was not damaged, that “Mother” [Zhang Gil Jah] and “Father” [Ahnsahnghong] saved them, and that is why the other churches fell and not theirs, telling anyone who would listen they were saved by the heavenly mother…. However, we had another big earthquake on the 22nd of Feb this year and this was the result at the church they had recently purchased and done up.  The very place they were preaching that mother had saved…”

Just to let you know, no one was injured in the building that we know of.  Even after the damage was sustained that very day, they all rushed to the place straight after the quakes.  Meanwhile, we were still having violent aftershocks. We all thankfully escaped with our lives.  Many were not so lucky.  Christchurch lost 180 people that day and most of its business district.

The Location

This building is located at 4 New Brighton Rd, Christchurch New Zealand. You can see it on Google maps below. The street view image is old, but you can still explore the neighborhood.

WMSCOG in New Zealand in the process of making post earthquake repairs in 2012.

And just in case you weren’t sure if this was a WMSCOG location, you can verify by looking at the same location in 2019, post earthquake repairs.

WMSCOG in New Zealand post earthquake repairs in 2019.

Safe or Not?

The WMSCOG preaches they are safe from disasters, but yet their church was damaged?  Shouldn’t the disaster have “passed over” them?  If they claim that:  “well no one was hurt”, then the other non-WMSCOG churches which suffered no casualties and no damage should also claim that they are the true church. Why weren’t the “Babylon churches” damaged by the earthquake?

If they claim that “well the members in this location were not celebrating the Passover correctly”, then again I’d have to point out all the Christians and non-Christians alike who don’t even try to celebrate the Passover and suffered no damage, but yet, the WMSCOG, try as they might, was still damaged.

I think it’s pretty clear that the WMSCOG’s claim to be safe from natural disasters just doesn’t add up.

Click here for the testimony of someone who had an encounter with the WMSCOG in New Zealand.

Our prayers go out to all of those affected by this terrible disaster.

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1 Comment
  1. Emily says

    Interesting because some members of the WMSCOG that I have spoken to recently claim that their churches are protected and that all of the others are being destroyed by God because of their pagan worship. But one of their members admitted that the WMSCOG in Myanmar was destroyed on a blog back in 2008. Here is the quote complete with a justification for why “mother” destroyed it. Pretty laughable in my opinion.

    “Brother Poland and sister Lizzie we have to be in zion why do you waste your time here when they cannot understand what we preach over and over again.
    Do you know our mother said to give love and not fight and because of you two lost sheep on this blog our church got destroyed in the myanmar cyclone.
    Even after having kept the passover it did not let disaster pass over our church.”
    I never thought I would say this but Dark Angel, THANK YOU FOR ACTUALLY TELLING HIM THAT WE ARE NOT AT FAULT.
    “Warrior is correct, one of your churches was destroyed by a natural disaster.
    However, Lizzie and Poland are NOT the cause of that.
    Warrior, it would appear that you are not saved by natural disasters after all.”
    Do you know the real reason that the cyclone disaster destroyed that church? They kept sinning even after taking the Passover. There was alot of SEXUAL IMMORALITY, THEY DESECRATED THE SABBATH, THEY WERE NOT IN THE TRUTH AND LACKED FAITH! I am sorry but I am not GOD and I cannot make a whole church BE SEXUALLY IMMORAL! I do not have the power to tell anyone, let alone a WHOLE CONGREGATION to take the Sabbath as a Joke, to not have sufficient FAITH. Mother called the church and asked the Pastor DO THEY KEEP THE SABBATH?, DO THEY HAVE FAITH? and the Pastor told her NO. She then warned him and told him to leave right away, to go back hime.
    Like the story of LOT and SODOM & GAMORRAH. An angel of God warned Lot of the disaster coming upon the sin city and asked him to LEAVE and DONT LOOK BACK.

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