Prayer List for the Prayer Week of the Day of Atonement

Below is a document that was circulated in at least one World Mission Society Church of God location on the west coast of the United States. The highly deceptive title of the document includes the words “prayer list“. A more appropriate title would be something like “thought-stopping guilt trip list”. The document outlines all of the behavior that the WMSCOG considers sinful and underscores the level of guilt and control that the World Mission Society Church of God exerts over its members. Among the most egregious points are:

  • Sin of stubbornly insisting on my opinion unwilling to obey, though I am only a sinner
  • Sin of resting and sleeping as desired, though I am only a sinner
  • Sin of wanting to enjoy freedom, though a sinner has no freedom to enjoy
  • Sin of feeling upset when duties were assigned to this sinner
  • Sin of being lazy in serving others, though a sinner ought to serve to repay for the sins
  • Sin of judging good or bad in regard to preaching locations
  • Sin of wanting to indulge in things that even God did not enjoy in this world after coming in the flesh
  • Sin of not thinking that it is due to my sin when others bring me trouble and hardships
  • Sin of not being joyful always
  • Sin of being upset when I was rebuked, not being able to think that I committed even bigger sins against God
  • Sin of wanting to have a boyfriend/girlfriend forgetting that I am only a sinner
  • Sin of being troubled by the mission of preaching

The full list is embedded below along with a YouTube video by a former member who was given this list when he was in the WMSCOG.


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  1. Terentius says

    These should have been the rules written on the front door to every church or in a 4 page section in our New song books. This sums up what it means to be in this group. Something that’s isnt explicitly mentioned.(unless the pastor loses his tongue and rambles) . All the joy and happiness in this group is forced over time. I’m glad I stopped pretending and left but the confusion and guilt is so strong to do that. Noone should entertain this group from the get go.

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