Persecution Complex: Proof Of The Lord’s Anointed Or Valid Criticism

Recently, a World Mission Society Church of God member named “ajumma” accused this site of persecuting the organization in a response to a recent article that outlines the WMSCOG’s previous failed doomsday predictions.  It is uncertain how presenting the facts documented in a court case is persecution, but it is not the first time accusations such as these have been made in response to any criticism of the WMSCOG’s doctrine, history or current practices.  But the most interesting claim ajumma made in the comment was the following:

you are just trying to prosecute us, that fits prophecy, therefore wmscog is true church in the bible.”


If the WMSCOG considers mere criticism to be persecution, then the WMSCOG persecutes all Catholic and Protestant churches.  Anyone who has been a member or visited the WMSCOG on more than one occasion would probably agree that the WMSCOG makes it a point to criticize other churches during worship services and various Bible studies.  Second in command to the “heavenly mother god”, WMSCOG Chief Pastor Joo Cheol Kim writes:

Nowadays so many Christians forsake the Sabbath which is the memorial day of the holy Creator, and instead keep Sunday, the worship day of the sun god. Therefore, they are the lawless ones who violate God’s will…Lawlessness is the weapon of the devil, and those who follow it acknowledge themselves as the offspring of the devil.

Joo Cheol Kim My Sheep Listen to My Voice, pages 203-205

In the above statement, the only “Christian” church that escapes persecution by Mr. Kim is the Seventh Day Adventist church.  Thus, by ajumma’s “logic”, the WMSCOG fulfills “prophecy” by persecuting other churches, making any one of them the true church in the Bible.

Is Persecution Evidence of Truth?

Other controversial religious groups have asserted that since they are persecuted, or more accurately criticized, they must be “the truth”.

Although the religions of men are often tolerant of each other, they cannot abide the presence of living prophets and the truths of salvation. Their bitterness and opposition toward Mormonism are an essential witness of its truthfulness. Validity draws the fire…If our message does not give offense to that which is ungodly, it has no claim on that which is heavenly. It has been properly said that light and darkness will never meet and that Christ and Satan will never shake hands. If Mormonism were not true, it could be ignored. The fact that Satan and his cohorts cannot leave it alone is an evidence of its truthfulness.

Joseph Fielding McConkie Straightforward Answers To Tough Gospel Questions

For religion dishonors and reproaches the name of Jehovah God, whilst Christianity honors and vindicates the name of Almighty God. This is why true Christians [Rutherford refering to the Jehovah’s Witnesses] are always persecuted by religionists.

Joseph Franklin Rutherford Former Watch Tower Society President

In one of the numerous WMSCOG blogs that have saturated the Internet, an article titled The Church of God World Mission Society Proven True Through Persecution, makes this exact claim.

“The world’s view of the Church of God World Mission Society actually assures me that I am in the right place…Like it says in 2 Timothy 3:12.”

It seems that the WMSCOG is following after the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses’ example.  In fact, any controversial religious group can assert that any negative criticism about them is “evidence of the truth”.  In that case, all we would need to do to find the true church is research which church is persecuted the most and join that one.  Is it likely that the criticism that the WMSCOG perceives as persecution is evidence of their truth?  Or could it be that they are criticized for other reasons?

Valid Criticism

Although a portion of this website is dedicated to exposing the numerous errors in the WMSCOG’s Biblical interpretation, there are other prevailing issues that are brought to light.

  • The WMSCOG deceptively recruits.  New recruits are largely unaware of what the organization really believes and what will be expected of them when they decide to join.
  • The WMSCOG has denied their documented failed doomsday predictions.
  • WMSCOG doomsday predictions invoke a sense of urgency, and have the potential to influence members to leave their families or end their relationships with friends outside of the group.  There is documented evidence of people leaving their families and spouses because of the WMSCOG’s influence here, here, and here.  A WMSCOG member named “nick” denied that the WMSCOG causes separation, all before attempting to justify their actions with a few select Bible verses in the forum here.  Chief Pastor Joo Cheol Kim even writes that family and love are temptations by the devil.
  • The WMSCOG has been less than forth coming regarding the history of their organization.  The facts were documented in a court case here.
  • There have been inconsistencies with regard to the WMSCOG’s tax forms.
  • There seems to be great focus on members’ ability to support the organization financially through tithes and other offerings.  See former member accounts here and here.

As former members and the concerned families of current members continue to come forward, it becomes clear to us that the WMSCOG has, and continues to cause division and strife among families.  Yet it seems that they have the unrealistic expectation that no one is going to take issue with this.  They fail to realize that the criticism, or “persecution” as they call it, is a direct result of their actions, and in the opinion of many, well deserved.

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