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  • On March 18, 2014, former member Michelle Ramirez filed suit against the World Mission Society Church of God in New Jersey Federal Court.  The case number is 2:2014cv1708.  New Jersey Federal Court documents are a […]

  • In the past, there has been some controversy over whether or not AhnSahngHong ever had children.  When I was a member of the World Mission Society Church of God, I was told on more than one occasion that […]

  • httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Medn9bjoYRI

    Here is the translation of the video: 

    안상홍님 설교

    Sermon by Ahn Sang-Hong

    -천년왕국 중에서-

    About Chiliasm

    Revelation Chapter 21



    • Pretty much everything that came out of ahnshahnghongs mouth is wrong.

    • What happened to her leading her people the 144,000 back to heaven together there must have been a change in plains. or god changed his mined or perhaps the future is distorted.

    • She is going to die soon of a human cancer so she is just a woman. That’s why there are no more trips to Korea she is at deaths door. God does not die of such things but in fact surrenders there spirit like Crist did.

  • This article is dedicated to all of those who thought Ahn Sahng-Hong was married to Zahng Gil-Jah, only to learn he was really married to Hwang Won-Soon.
    The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) claims […]

  • On October 10, 2012, the CPU utilization was pegged pretty high on the site:

    Obviously, something was abnormal. A scan of the logs showed what appeared to be a […]

    • Look closer at LG because they are under cloud services, also out of South Korea and very close to the main church there. Go to Google earth and zoom in if you have the address. tell me what you see and fined good luck. “HACKERS” and information gathering for hire they are. But are government does not due such things lol

  • The church that Ahn Sahng-Hong started, the NCPCOG, has posted a full translation of Problems With the New Jerusalem, the Bride and Women’s Veils online in English.  Previously a few chapters were posted here, […]

  • Former missionary Ron Ramos sits down with cult expert Steve Hassan and explains why he left the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) in 2011 after 12 years of membership.

  • This article is dedicated to my friends who were taught by the WMSCOG that Ahn Sahng-Hong did not have any children… only to find out later that he did.

    I have friends […]

    • Hey hi all the verses u quote are speaking of the final judgment and nothing about the first coming…try again



    What follows is the complaint I received taped to my door in Dec 2011.  You can may read it in PDF or text format below:
    The Complaint (P […]

    • I am going thru a divorce now because of this cult, i’m Willing to document my story to anyone who would listen
      I’ve been dealing with this for 11 years i’m Moving to another country due to this cult’s damages.
      [phone number removed]
      I know this will reach back to her but I will tell my story
      Julius Damiani
      Married to [name removed] member was a member in Atlanta Ga. moved to Detroit Michigan bin in for 7/8 years
      Publish anything I say I want to tell the truth, to anyone who will listen i’ve Fought this battle all these years now she wants to go to court.
      Call me

  • Recently, a World Mission Society Church of God member named “ajumma” accused this site of persecuting the organization in a response to a recent article that outlines the WMSCOG’s previous failed doomsday […]


  • In defending their claims that Ahnsahnghong is divine, members of the World Mission Society Church of God have argued (as noted on numerous sites such as here, here or here) that Ahnsahnghong  “revealed the se […]

    • Awards dont prove anything…even the satan masquerades as an angel of light…2 cor 11:14

  • World Mission Society Church of God members are notorious for using the “language of non-thought”.  The language of non-thought is a term that Dr. Robert J. Lifton, an expert in the field of psychiatry, calls out […]

  • In 2000, the World Mission Society Church of God in Bloomingdale, IL submitted an application for tax exempt status to the IRS.  Click here for more information on the application process and how to request your […]

  • On July 7, 2011 a World Mission Society Church of God member named “STAR” made the following comment below the “Top 10 Reasons People Cease To Believe in the WMSCOG” article:
    “President Obama just awarded the […]

  • In previous articles, we examined experts Robert J. Lifton and Steven Hassan’s destructive mind control group models, and found characteristics of both models present in our experience at the World Mission […]

    • The Bible is a book. It is not self-interpreting. Therein lies the problem.

      Jesus did not found/wrote a book and said “Refer to this when in doubt.” Holy scriptures recorded His actions: He founded a Church – a body of believers – with authority to preach/teach/baptise. He singled out a lead shepherd – Peter – to lead the Church after He ascended to heaven – “Feed my lambs”. This Church will not fall into error. God literally forbid it – “…the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.”
      The Church as willed by Him is not a democracy. Jesus granted authority to His lead shepherd to head the Church and obedience is the necessary consequence. This is the DNA of the Church. This (true) Church is ever ancient (circa AD 33) and ever new (2017). Go find this Church with such a DNA. Not one founded in 1964 or re-emerged from a supposedly failed Church sometime in the past.

  • This story comes to us from one of our friends whose son has been involved with the World Mission Society Church of God for over three years.  His drastic and sudden personality shift is not unlike the many other […]

    • Hi,

      My daughter has been in the cult now for 3 years. It has been so difficult because my story is just like yours. She is the best kid in the world and we have always been so close and i feel like I don’t recognize her anymore. I initially freaked out and went and spoke with the leader of the church etc and had a few not so nice things to say, but I have always been treading lightly since. People from the forum gave said just continue to wait and she will eventually come back to u. However, she now is pregnant and having a baby in a few months and I worry about my grandchild with the all day Saturday nonsense, fasting, spending all their money on some psycho lady in Korea! Ughhh!! It is completely unbelievable to me still! I would appreciate any advice or anything u can tell me that has helped u if there is anything and ur son is finally free from these crazy fools! Thanks

  • In January 1999, the World Mission Society Church of God submitted their application to the IRS for recognition of tax exemption for their Los Angeles, California location.  According to the IRS Tax Guide for […]

  • In our last segment we learned how the WMSCOG tried to pressure our correspondent from New Jersey into signing a non-disclosure agreement.  Now, in our fifth and final section of our five part series, we learn of […]

    • @feliz did you attend a church in or near ny area? If so can you contact me? I have been working on an investigative report and need to interview some people who attended for short periods of time. You can private message me on here.

    • This is a destructive cult, they are arranging marriages, breaking up families……this is not GOD, Let’s all pray that the true GOD will soon do something and all the victims wake up…..it’s really sad that we are all going through this but I do believe the truth should be exposed at some point, how long can a lie continue?

      Tonight I will pray for your husband and I hope he wakes up and comes back to you, it’s really painful what this church is doing to families.

  • I recently asked a World Mission Society Church of God member if she thought that the organization was a cult.  Here is her paraphrased response:
    The Church of God is not a cult.  If you look up the definition o […]

    • @Asheer .. I wanna ask uou a question. Do you believe that persons like you can be gods? Do you believe these man-appointed gods created the heavens and the planets and all of the solar system? Do you really know who are these korean people? Have you read the Bible in its entirety and not just by cherry-picking some verses and then give meanings and assumed interpretations? This site provides you all the TRUTHS about WMSCOG. The organization was even declared as a dangerous and destructive cult by their own government in South Korea. If I were you, I would gonna leave right away for WMSCOG is really dangerous. Why I say this? It’s because there is no true salvation in it but instead leading you to hell while you aren’t aware and at the same time squeezing your energy and hard earned money.

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