In the News

“One day in November 2008, Erika Cordova was approached in New York City by two women with an interesting question…”
“On 27 December 2011, the World Mission Society Church of God filed a lawsuit against TV-8 television station and one of the station’s journalists, J. Minjin, in the Chingeltei District Court…”
When Unity of Washington outgrew its Romanesque Revival building on Capitol Hill, it wasn’t easy to sell.
On September 6, 2011 WMSCOG architect Hector Munoz-Barris testified about the expansion plans.  “You need to pull it together” said Gail Price board attorney, after the architect failed to provide complete information.  The actual owner of the WMSCOG property was also brought into question.
The WMSCOG hosted an event at a middle school in Ridgewood, NJ this winter.  Was this an attempt to recruit new members?
The WMSCOG uses apocalyptic fear mongering to recruit new members.  Why is the WMSCOG in Ridgewood, NJ applying for construction permits if the supposed end is near?
“Members of the Yale community practice many faith traditions. But proselytizing by members of one Korean church have left some students feeling a bit disturbed….”
“Members of the World Mission Society Church of God have been proselytizing on campus over the past few weeks, approaching students on various street corners and outside University buildings….”
“Students have reported being approached around HUB Mall, the University LRT station, and in CAB by missionaries from WMS, a South-Korean based church who teach that their founder…”