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  1. Maria says

    I’m glad you made this testimoney because two ladies approched me in target the other day trying to convince me to come to this church. They asked me if I had ever heard of God the Mother. When they told me they belived in two Gods Male and Female I told them that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. There is no such scripture in the Catholic bible which is the bible I go by. The only Mother is Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Im not sure what bible this church goes by but its obviously a cult and Im so glad you were able to get away from it.

  2. Andrea says

    Would the real God help me. My Son is in this church for almost three years and it’s destroying his life. He lives for his death and his eternal life only. He thinks life is meaningless. People involved in this church are so selfish. He just missed a vacation that we took as a family because of this church. He said it wouldn’t look good to newer members if he didn’t stay home even though he was going to attend a branch on vacation. Then they wouldn’t give him an address of the branch where we were vacationing. This church destroys people and families and real beliefs. I pray for anyone in this church to get out and I await they day when my Son wakes up and sees the reality of what he is involved in.

    1. GODisonlyONE says

      @Andrea____ the problem of the world is GOD, who among people know the True Real GOD. christians most especially who worship a Triun god which the bible never teaches. some cristians have concept of GOD in Jesus as the bible if read without the context says Me and my father are one. Nowhere in the bible Jesus say i am God and worship me. the fake apostle Paul says worship him(Jesus) because he is our God and Saviour so christians followed paul instead of Jesus.

      youths or olds involved with this group surety if they cant get out, everything in their life and even their own life subject to deterioration. the only solution is by force or if he still depends his money allowance from you, restrict it. really, i think the best rise up of people to rally/demonstrate against this group which may lead to their final closure. otherwise everything is in vague situation.

    2. Issachar says

      Andrea, what you are describing is not uncommon. Rather its very much the same across the zions in the country. The path your son is taking is what many members do. My path in the church was similar. Members do not go to other zions. I’m not certain the reason for this. Members spend more time at church and less with the family. Look at the positive side. Your son is separate from the trouble in the world. At least he will be away from gangs, or drugs, or parties, or alcohol, or anything else. But i believe he shouldn’t neglect the family. Don’t punish him, but encourage him to partake in family events. Don’t impose other religious holidays on him like christmas or thanksgiving or easter. Give him opportunity to be part of the family. Maybe show him examples in the bible how other priests in the old testament took care and spent time with their families. Support him. Find a time to go on vacation in between the 7 feasts. He should still be able leave on vacation. Give him space to keep the sabbath day and prayer times. Give him the notion that God may lead him to a person while on vacation. Encourage him, remind him prayer time is soon. Be on his side and not against him. Dont further separate him. It wont help your situation.

  3. Issachar says

    I understand what you have gone through. I’m trying to see for myself the truth within the church. The church is very cultural. The way is very South Korean. The group well being is above the individual. If you are suffering, its below the group, its less important. The zion is under control of its overseer. The group is taken care of, not the individual. Many, many people leave my zion. Jesus said to Peter “feed my sheep.” But I know the sheep in zion are not properly fed. Too many leave and it is to the loss of the church. The individuals in leadership seem not to understand. Their view is very narrow. The mindset is very narrow. They care too much about the group. But its the individuals who make the group.

    Isaiah 2:3 says : Many peoples will come and say; come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths. The law will go of Zion, the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. He will judge between the nations and will settle many disputes for many peoples.

    Are disputes settled for many peoples? No. Backs are turned. Many people leave. Is it not true? I believe members in Zion do not settle disputes. Something is wrong if a 12 year dedicated member leaves over a small dispute. Maybe prophecy is not be fulfilled. Will christ come and remove them and the lampstand of the WMSCOG as prophesied in revelation 2:5? Im afraid I will not answer this question. 🙁

    1. T.H. says

      I’ll give a short reply; they never were a lampstand and there is nothing except the prophesy of false prophets claiming to be God that fits the WMSCOG. The Bible tells us to avoid them and don’t believe them.

      1. Issachar says

        T H. WMS believes they are the prophetical church of Ephesus. Its similar to SDA believing they are the prophetical church of Laodicea. Thats why I brought it up. I believe the prophecy fits with them. The NKJV describes the church of Ephesus as the loveless church. To me it fits. Hearing the testimony of ex members bothers me. Quite loveless. Not much i can do except for posting here. WMS has people who check these sites. My message should get though.

        1. T.H. says

          I agree on some points. Despite their preachings about “love” they don’t know what love is. As for them representing any kind of wishful thinking they are not any kind of Christian church. They can wish and hope they are one but their own doctrine and teachings prohibit them from the Christian faith. They invalidate themselves.

  4. remco9519 says

    WMSCOG is a PAGAN church. That’s where they belong because of their worship towards a dead man and to that whom thy’re calling mother god.

  5. Issachar says

    “I want to know what love is, I want (wmscog) to show me” But not. They are the loveless church. According to scripture love fulfills the law of god. I think love is very foreign to some of them. Its like speaking a new language. Do you remember when Kim Jong Un of North Korea created a lie, an appearance to the country that North Korea was in the World cup. They showed a video and it was in the news, and what not. The North Korean leaders had the country believe they were winning games and going towards the final. Now its part of appearances and korean culture. Could South Korea do the same? Are they capable? Possibly? Lies are completely okay in korea if the means (lies) justify the ends.

    Very truly I tell you, Korea is one country, North and South. But divided. This division goes to the very mindset of the people and culture. You’ll receive both lies and truth from the church. You’ll receive their division. Although this site is focused on the negative parts of this church, there is good in the church.

    Have you seen the website?, “examining steve hassan” Its a copy and repeat of this site. Very korean and all biased comments from controlled members. Although there is much slander on this site ( examiningthewmscog) there is also truth in here.

    I am a member and I want to think outside the group (outside the box). Paul says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

    1. T.H. says

      I have to strongly disagree with you about this. There are good people in this group but the whole of the group is bad. The good that is done by the WMSCOG is done for very selfish reasons although the people participating in the good acts I like to think are doing it with a good intention. People can do these good things without this group of selfish individuals motivating them to do it. I am not a member and I don’t want you to just think outside of the WMSCOG box I want you to become free of their box. This is a form of modern day slavery. It’s much more dangerous though because it traps a persons mind into thinking that some group has all of the answers and must be followed without question. This very idea goes against what the Bible teaches as does the doctrine of the WMSCOG. Please stop being blind. Think outside of the box and get outside of the box. Have you ever noticed that the people that truly leave the WMSCOG never go back? They learn the truth of the WMSCOG and when they get free of it they never want to be enslaved by it again.

      1. Issachar says

        T H, I am on this site because I am doing some research on my own. Just like the title says. This is a present member’s story… I understand what you have written. You want me out? You dont know me. Perhaps I enjoy being controlled by the title holders, and that I like to speak their words and act the way they dictate for appearances to the newer members. Surely I am not trapped and cannot get out.

        But all kidding aside, 🙂

        I want to get to the bottom of this group. I want to know more. T H you are on the outside looking in. I believe I have an advantage. For a pastor to control a member to have an abortion is extremely wrong. Their appearances should not have priority over real life. At my locale I have not witnessed such heinous control. That needs to be corrected immediately. Why does that happen? Whats the reason. Members should ask questions.

        There is some good. The church is right on some levels. but also wrong on other levels. Its their division they have. Lies and truth, wrong and right. Its like the the dmz between north korea and south korea.

        Surely I am not trapped like the people in North Korea. But the culture on the inside of the grouo is present with WMSCOG. We are dealing with a cultural phenomenon I believe. But it appears to be cult charcteristics. Thoughts?

  6. T.H. says

    My thoughts are that if you’re going to get to the bottom of this group then you are going to have to spend some serious time away from it! The thought process you’re portraying here, your idea of what seems logical, the way you’re defending this group all points to the fact you’re being controlled therefore enslaved. You cannot do what you say you’re trying to do while you’re under their influence. Other places in this forum it’s been explained like this; If lies are like poison, how much poison inside of something that’s supposed to be good for you (a glass of water for example) would it take to kill a person? My understanding is that the amount is not very much and even if you looked at the glass of water you wouldn’t even notice it was in there. I am on the outside witnessing the destructive force of the poison. As things are right now you’re telling me how it’s not so bad, give it a chance, I want to see how much I can take. Brother, I wish I could scream it to you threw a megaphone, GET OUT! You’re not going to realize the bigger picture until you are out from under the influence of it. You say it’s possible that you like to be led and controlled then how about joining a political party? It’s even possible that some good could come out of something like that. You’re just killing yourself right now. Please look at what I’m saying here and at least give yourself some time away from this group so you can clear your head and make a better and more informed decision.

  7. Gladness says

    I am really sorry you had to go through that. I too left in 2012 and it has been hard for me to trust again, especially when it comes to spiritual matters and deity. My former group leader in the church once said to me when I was a new member “do you know how we can see a member’s faith? Through tithe”. None of it made any sense to until I left the church. They use emotive language to manipulate a person into the church and even to stay in. I too found lots of information on the internet against the church in my early days of being a member, and instead of leaving the church and breaking all form of contact with its members, I unfortunately went back to the Pastor for answers only to be fed with more lies. I am really grateful to have eventually left the cult, even though some scars left by it may never fully heal. Thank you for sharing your story and I can only hope that through it, more people will realize how much of a mind-control cult the wmscog really is.

  8. Anonymous says

    Can someome tell me if they allow to attend to their service on Saturday only to those who are baptized? Is that a requirement for them? Because if it is that way then they are wrong because Jesus talks to everyone and do not ask are you baptized or not before preaching.

    1. Derek Williams II says

      Hi Anon! You do not have to be baptized to visit the church on Sabbath Day. However, Jesus Christ does say, in Mark 16:15-16:

      “He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

      Of course, as Christians, we want to believe the teachings of Jesus so that we will be saved. However, Jesus also states we must be baptized as well. This was likely what a member was trying to convey to you before. At the church, we do speak to anyone and preach to anyone, regardless of whether they were baptized or not. We want everyone to be saved, just as Jesus did 2000 years ago. I hope this helps clear anything up!

      1. T.H. says

        And yet it says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved”. This is NOT the belief of the WMSCOG! They are more than willing to dump a bucket of water on your head as soon as possible in the name of the father and of the son and the name of Ahnsahnghong. Will you know this name that is spoken of. Probably not! In their words, you are still a new believer and just like a new born you must first be fed milk or else you will reject it and/or get sick because you cannot digest it properly. This church will speak to anyone for a moment however, when they decide you are not worth their time they’ll move on to someone that is more easily deceived by their twisting of the Word of God. There is only one name by which we are saved! JESUS!!! Don’t be tricked! Even Ahn taught this truth!

        1. Anonymous South Africa says

          I have been attending for almost 2 months and I wont lie I have felt very spiritually out of touch with God.The fact they worship a dead man it really creeps me I am trying to find a way out the lady who recruited me is always calling for me to attend the endless services , this side my studies are very demanding she does not understand.

  9. Chowder says

    I’m just glad I’m out of that church. It was actually cool, the first time I came, until oneday we were singing hymns and the hymn was like “Aangsahng our father”, and the day I found out Mother is some lady in Korea. My friends are also lost. Now they think every church is false except Zion. Btw I’m from South Africa.

  10. Anonymouus in NorCal says

    My husband and I visited one, once and only once. We had supper with them. We asked if there was to be prayer over the meal, they looked as if we were crazy, but acquiesced. During the whole evening, I kept getting the creeps, more and more as the evening went on. I wrote down some basic info, bare bones minimum that I could find. When we got home, I searched online to find out anything about them. What I did find confirmed what I had been feeling–that they are not of the GOD I know and serve.

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