How The WMSCOG Turned My Life Upside Down Part 5 – My Marriage Destroyed – A Former Member’s Story

In our last segment we learned how the WMSCOG tried to pressure our correspondent from New Jersey into signing a non-disclosure agreement.  Now, in our fifth and final section of our five part series, we learn of the ruin wrought to our correspondent’s marriage by her husband’s heavy involvement in the WMSCOG:

After my meeting with the WMSCOG, things between my husband and I would only get worse.  My husband admitted that he had already made up his mind.  There was no doubt in his mind that I had been posting “lies about the church” on the internet.  My husband went as far as to accuse me of turning against God.

As the days went on, it seemed that his involvement in the WMSCOG continued to turn my husband against me.  My husband became less attentive and less affectionate towards me.  Our anniversary was fast approaching and my husband seemed disinterested in making plans to do something special.  I suggested that we go away for a couple of days and he refused.  He explained that he could not be away from the WMSCOG because “father was coming soon” and he needed to be ready when the time came.  On the day of our one year anniversary, he still hadn’t committed to any plans or even made any suggestions about what we would be doing together.  We subsequently spent the early part of the day arguing.  He finally admitted that he felt guilty spending any time with me after I posted “lies about the church” on the internet.  He left and spent the rest of the day and evening at the WMSCOG.  I was no longer worthy of his time.

The next day, my husband took me out to dinner and gave me a card in which he wrote that we had enough love to make it through.  Just when I thought that things between us would get better, he informs me that he had been recently chosen to participate in an intense Bible study training course where he would learn to teach 30 subjects in 30 days. That would mean that he would spend every day in the WMSCOG until very late at night and all day Sunday being tested from 9am to 6pm in the afternoon.  I thought that it was pretty convenient that he would be “chosen” for this “intense training” that would make it nearly impossible for us to see each other, not too long after I was kicked out.  The goal of this training sounded unrealistic and seemed like a ploy to set members up to fail.  Why not set unattainable goals for your members to keep them focused, working hard, and feeling guilty and inadequate when they can not meet your demands?

Now going to the WMSCOG right after working and coming home after midnight was not enough.  My husband would also stay up reading the WMSCOG books until almost 2 am. Then he would wake up at 5 am to pray.  The WMSCOG was keeping the both of us sleep deprived.  The strain on our marriage continued.

My husband had always told me that he wanted to have children and start a family.  This was no longer the case after I was kicked out of the WMSCOG.  He told me that he would not bring a child into this world and have the child’s blood on his hands because he knew that I would not allow our child to be baptized by the WMSCOG, and thus they’d be “spiritually dead”.  So our plans to have a family were no longer important either.

At this point, things seemed to be hopeless.  I wasn’t spending any time with my husband because he was never home.  When he was home, he would pretend that I didn’t even exist.  How could my husband of only one year, who I believed loved me very much before, have so much resentment for me only 6 months after I initially left the WMSCOG?  A few weeks after our anniversary, my husband informed me that he no longer wanted to be with me.  He decided that it would be best for the both of us since he felt that we would never agree about his involvement with the WMSCOG.  He admitted that “the church was always the problem” and he would under no circumstances compromise the amount of time he spent at the WMSCOG in order to try and work on our marriage.

I was at my wits end.  I believe that this was what the WMSCOG wanted all along.  Why else would they have pushed him so hard?  Why would they go on the internet and try to monitor my personal activity?  Why would they want to track down my IP address?  And what about the way that the WMSCOG pastor threatened me during the meeting?  How could he just ignore their distasteful behavior?  I tried everything to get my husband to see the contradictions to no avail.  I just couldn’t take the emotional abuse and neglect anymore and about a week later, I gave my husband an ultimatum.  It was the cult or me. He chose the WMSCOG and moved out again that very evening.

I am completely heart-broken over the decision that my husband made to just abandon me the way that he did.  He rarely even speaks to me these days.  He says that it upsets him that I speak out about my experience with the WMSCOG and how it destroyed our marriage.  But if I can help even one person out there to avoid the pain and suffering that I am enduring because of this destructive organization, then it is worth the embarrassment of posting my story online for everyone to read.

I love my husband very much and all I can do now is pray that he wakes up and returns home soon.

And we are all praying with you.  Please comment below to let our friend know you support her in this difficult time.

Would you like to share your experience in the WMSCOG with us?  Contact us to tell your story.

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  1. MountainMom says

    This is exactly like what has happened to my son and his wife due to his involvement in the COG. They do everything they can to cause trouble in marriages where one is a member and one is not. In cases where the two are only engaged, they break them up and then suggest that the member immediately get involved with someone else in the church for their “spiritual growth.” I wonder if they do this with the Korean members in order to get them U.S. citizenship. Also, being married to a member makes it harder to leave the church. They have this all thought out, don’t they.

    1. nick says

      I understand it can seem strange [this debate moved to the forum by admin at this thread]

  2. Jesus is the Only way says

    This is horrible. My girlfriend goes to this church and made about a year this month. Thanks to the help of this former member’s story and her evidence of their falseness I am trying my best to show the members and my girlfriend that this is a business. The word of life is free and God dwells within you not a worldly “Church of God.” Im sure me and my girlfriend are done with since she hasn’t responded to my phone calls or text messages. Even if she does answer I am going to tell her that their is only One God and the only person that is coming back is Jesus Christ. God bless all that have been tricked by these false prophets and may the truth be told. Amen!

    1. ed says

      Ask her this question. If mother god represents sarah, who is the jerusalem from above and came to this earth. then she would have to have SEX? with her son Isaac to be your spiritual mother because you are supposed to be Isaac’s seed the seed of promise the 144,000.

  3. Alonna says

    I can’t believe he left you. I can’t believe the WMSCOG would do that to someone. They’re slowly taking over this guy’s life. Every day I pray to GOD and I thank him and my family for helping stay away from this cult. The church still contactsd me today, but I never answer. It’s weird they still contact me and it’s been months since I left the cult. This ending brought tears to my eyes and can’t bare seeing my love one choosing which is basically a lie over me. I hope you stay strong; if GOD plans for you guys to get back together it will happen just be patient.

    1. ed says

      God bless you I am right there with in that mess and now my mind is on my children. you will not believe what thay have been saying about me and my soon to be x wife does not even know what they have done to her. I pointed things out and she did not want to hear about what I was seeing and being put through and she is mostly responsible for it. church duties came before work and family. Any thing I did including work prevented her from serving was a reason to fight. Its because they are taught anything that stops you from serving comes from the devil and thats how she saw it and the church has taken it way beyond that now. I stopped going and paying tithe after 15 years because the church got into my marriage that got me singled out and they would tell people to stay away from people and spreads lies about you. It’s all part of the separation process.

    2. A. says

      Thank you, Thank you so much for your comment… I give me hope. I too lost my husband to the WMSCOG… and hope someday he will come back…

  4. admin says

    Here is a verse for the husband in the above story:

    “If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.” Deuteronomy 24:5

    I hope he thinks about this verse the next time he asks someone if they “believe the Bible”.

  5. GodIsGreat says

    Just been to my first bible study today. And boy, the preacher and pastor/deacon (whoever they were) wanted me to be baptized. But something was telling me not to. Told them I had some reservations and didn’t want to be baptized on my first Bible study. Went home and spent 2 hours online and came across this.

    To the writer of this blog, you have my prayers tonight and the times I pray. God has kept you strong for you have trusted in Him your life. He will never forsake you. We must realize that everything happens for a reason. And before something happens, God, the almighty God has already planned everything for us. It’s ALWAYS a blessing. And we sometimes forget to see that even hardships are blessings in disguise.

    Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed. (I read this from the Bible and it has been engraved in my heart and spirit since).

    1. admin says

      Amen! Thank you GodIsGreat.

    2. eye for an eye says

      godisgreat want to go in and examine them. their doctrine has changed and they use a separation process on people in there message of salvation. Did you hear this when you studied? “you hear the words of god because you belong to God. And the reason other people don’t hear is because they belong to the devil.”

  6. ed says

    How sad it is my soon to be x wife has forgotten how much one can sacrifice for somebody. she does not even know what happened to her. She whent through the seperation process of teaching and an implantation of ideas that she has heard repetitively. How it has become ones nature. I suppose that does not happen to all of us after 15 years I was an observer as the doctrine changed and became more controlling not to meantion things they said where to happen where not hapening. We where all moving tored the year 2012 something the church is now getting away from and when it got hear I realised it just getting started they are poised to go all over the wourld they want unquestioned dedication something normal in korean society. Im surprised the old members have forgotten what they learned at first. It was like faimily whene we came from sunlaned.I was telling people arouned me the old mebers who know more than there teaching now. You see they are being removed. there are many who I have said this to and thay are satanding where they are because we recongnize something fundamentally different now. we where even told 14400 where found and the time is at hand. Thay Insist on tithing as a sighn of faith its treated as a scall to judge you. Stop and you will see what im talking about. I no longer stayed for the day and I was singled out for excommunication and the leadership raised up frances and stated a smear campaigns to the congregation about me. Boy I will tell you what a four years it was. She made it easy for the pastor and koreans. I say that because they work as a team passing info to each other and intrducing it to the congregation to do its work and work it does. What they dont know I was watching them back and if I can get it down on papper to sort it all out as I grasp the phychological part to all this my mined will not stop its just how I work. I need to talk to anyone who can open up about it. Do you understaned the paterns and how they plainted thing on to your thingking. All you heard and see all you where told theres a patern. Its a pice of the puzzel and its something I want to see a little more clear. Pleas contact this site. OH and volunteers needded. There is much information to collect and I will direct you where to fined it.They know who I am and they have forwarded and pics and text arouned to members keeping an eye out for me it has become strange. To members I have become the face. WHAT THEY HOP IS THAT THIS JUST PETTERS OUT. Thats what has been happening the last several years as we talked to members who fell some time ago. Do you hear what I am saying to you dont let them stop you. you have love ones or freinds to take care of now. This is my story and by choice I will give it a face because my 2 boys are victims now being taught whoever does not come to church belongs to the devil this should not be in the mined of a child. And in the end the church may try to marry off frances because that has been the patern. I have seen this many times. My boy just ask here to talk to me in regards to comming over and she declined to speak also something he does not need to see. In church I am scorned and it was my wife who made something out of nothing was giving then what they could use. Anything I did work whatever got in her way of duties it was war and now divorce. I hop you come forward and stay strong.

  7. No Name says

    Mwhole family , that is . my mum, dad and my two siblings are all devoted members of this cult. The have tried every trick written in the book to try and get me into the cult but to no avail. I have decided to stay away from them until they come back to their senses but at the same time feel isolated and lonely without them. I cant compromise my christian beliefs. To me ‘Mother’ and the whole system is js crap!

    1. ed says

      no name do you want help contact this site and I can help you. keep it to your self untill you have the info you need to help them ok

      1. Kristin Rosenblum says

        Hi Ed can you please get in contact with me I am in need of your help desperately regarding my son.

        Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

        1. Mountainmom says

          Hi Kristin. Go to the forum part of this site and make an account. Then private message me and I will contact you.

          1. Hope says

            I desperately need help. My husband is a member and it has over taken our marriage and affecting me and my children.
            He now wants nothing to do with me because I don’t believe his mother and father god

  8. Andre ramon says

    My life has been ruined for the stupid wmscog my fiance left me because that religion i tried yo get her back i even tried to join the church but the threw me out they already knew what they where doing it was planned out i cry every night for my fiance this is just horrible i just pray to god for her return

    1. T.H. says

      Andre, this group had my wife for over a year. She is out now and stronger because she realizes what this cult did to her. What you need to do right now is don’t try to debate with her or prove the teachings wrong. You need to let her know that you are still here for her and keep reminding her about the great times and friends/family that still care about her. Only true love will break through the lies of the WMSCOG. They claim to love and to have the truth. Show her what true love is and the truth will come back to her in time. No one stays in a cult forever! Life may feel like it’s over but when you make it through this the love will be even more real and solid. Keep your faith in Jesus Christ! He’s the one that paid the price for us.

      1. travis says


        Your words give me hope … I admit, I haven’t opened the bible in a very long time and frankly I don’t even know how to start doing so .. but I love my girl and want her back .. I am extremely sure that this WMSCOG is a lie … but no matter what I show her against it, she does not believe me.

        I will follow your instructions here, maybe she will realize, just like your wife did, that those people are not really her friends, brothers and sisters. That the WMSCOG is a cult .. Maybe she can return, and we can finally be married and grow old together ..

        Even though those words were written for Andre, I thank you writing them ….

        1. Emil says

          Hey Travis. I urge you to join the forum of this website. You’ll come in contact with many people who are coping with a similar situation.

    2. admin says

      Hi Andre,

      I’m sorry to hear this. I tried to contact you via e-mail, but your e-mail address bounced back. If you contact me from the Contact page on the site, I may be able to help you reach out to your fiance.

  9. Annette says

    I TOO can relate how this cult is such a family breaker. My 7 year old son & I have completely lost my husband to this devilish group. I had to have him leave the household he was never home never cared to participate in family outings & here we are almost 3 years later & he is more heavily involved with the WMSCOG than his own family. The pain & anger I have been going through is silently killing me.

  10. reydelavoz says

    you know no matter what research you do and you show him he wont believe it cause he is going to think that you just dont want him to go so it becomes argumentative. he has to see it for himself or have someone else show him.

  11. travis says

    Wow … I’m going through a similar situation. My girlfriend of five years left me because of this same church. We lived together, but the difference is that we were not married. She moved out about three months ago, and we barely speak because she believes that Satan is using me to get her out of the church. That idea insults me, I don’t have any Satan in me, and there’s no one using me for anything, of that I’m sure.

    I went to that cult in several occasions to show support and to learn about what she was doing. I wanted to be supportive since we’re couple .. I started getting involved in Bible studies, but most things the dude used to say to me did not make any sense. The way he jumped from verse to another in different books of the bible in order to prove his theory was too weird and suspicious.

    In occasions, I used to beat him up with historical accounts he tried to use as proof for his theory. He used to get stuck because he did not have the answer to my questions.. maybe he was a rookie or was just learning how to deliver. I did like the passion the guy showed when he was giving me the bible studies however, he was never able to make me believe in anything or even made me doubt what I already knew about God.

    I’m desperately searching for answers. It hurst me that I lost my girl, I was in love with her. We had plans of getting married and have kids and getting old together .. I’m heartbroken and very upset with this damn cult .. Why is it that these organizations are allowed to operate in the US ..

  12. mcbell94578 says

    Hello Travis I am losing my son to this church as well. He has not left yet and i hope i still have a chance to get back in the real world. They took away his motivation and confident. Thinking this women of god is everything. I ask my son what is his belief he cannot answer me. I am just being supportive to him but at the same time trying to save him too. Just trying to have him remember the good stuff we use to do together and let him know that i am here for him when he needs me. I have to agree that the US bring all this wrong religion in here and do not do anything about it. It is just wrong. I do not like how the treat the kids like they are adults. Pleasde give me suggestion if you have any to help him and i will keep being supportive and showing my love to him

    1. Vanessa says

      Now that I have proven below that Ahnsanghong is not the Christ, it is much easier to break apart other WMSCOG beliefs (misunderstandings).

      The first teaching that they like to reel people in with is “The Sabbath Day” teaching. They inform people that true Sabbath is on a Saturday, which is actually a true fact. Now that they have started the conversation on a true fact, it is easier for them to sneak in the next part, which is the lie. They tell people that worshipping on any other day, other than Saturday, is wrong. Therefore all Christians who worship on Sunday are wrong and disobedient to God.

      Then they go into false Roman history about how Satan used the ruler Constantine to force Christian worshippers to abandon Sabbath (Saturday) worship and change to Sundays in order to be aligned with the pagan worshippers who worshipped the Sun god on “Sun” days. In addition they say that the people who refused to worship on Sunday and stuck with Saturday endured great persecution. Well the people who mostly remained worshipping on Saturdays were called the Jews, and while it is true that they probably endured great persecution, I dare say it was probably not more than the Christians.

      While their version of this story has some cherry-picked truths, all-in-all it’s totally clear that WMSCOG believers are preaching one heck of a twisted version. The real truth can easily be found given a Google search, but since they forbid the new converts to go online and read for themselves, it is very easy for them to fall prey to this story and subsequent false teachings.

      The truth about the ruler Constantine was that he actually became a Christian, although not a very good one as he also continued to worship the Sun god as well. After Jesus died, Christians (which included converted Jews and gentiles/pagans) wanted to separate themselves from the Jews (who chose not to believe in Christ even as He had just walked the Earth). Christians found Sunday to be very special because it was the day Christ had risen from the grave and the tomb found empty. Therefore Christians started worshipping on Sunday. Constantine was left in a predicament seeing as though a large group wanted to worship on Saturdays (the Jews) and a large group wanted to worship on Sundays (the Christians). So Constantine ruled that both days be available for worship. Still to this day, we have Saturdays and Sundays off from work.

  13. Amanda says

    Hi my sister currently attends this church i need help to open her eyes that this place is bull****. She has been arguing with me in regards to questions i ask her about what she learned in church. She tells me i need to worry about my soul and how it is going to hell. she also tells me since i did not recieve passover i will not have eternal life. I explained to her that the only way we find out what the right religon is when we died and she assure me that going to her church and learning the word of GOD is the only way. They are brainwashing her and i refuse to give up on her i tried to have her read a lawsuit that was placed against the chruch but she blew me off. She told me not to believe everything i read online (but these were court documents) stories that match up to alot of your stories. i cant give up on her she is my little sister in whom i have raised. Im so hurt and in need of help!!!!! This is suppose to be a NON profit organazation but they DO MAKE MONEY and its all sent to South Korea. Someone please i beg for help me open her eyes to the madness that has closed them.

    1. Vanessa says

      I have put together some notes from Bible studies that I have done. I, myself, was almost duped into joining this church. After my husband saved me with his great Biblical knowledge, we decided to get a small group of friends together to study the Bible and disprove all of WMSCOG’s teachings that I had learned. I would love to send the notes to you somehow.

      In the meantime, know that WMSCOG’s teachings are so ridiculously far off from real Bible history. These poor WMSCOG followers are taught about 20-30 lessons in which they cherry-pick quotes from the Bible. The teachers choose the quotes to mean whatever they want them to mean and teach their followers so quickly so that they do not have time to cross-check. Thank God my husband loves history and the Bible because he was able to correct WMSCOG’s sermons and say “hey that’s not what was going on during that time in history” or “that’s not what this verse really means.”

      1. Clynie says

        Hi miss Vanessa, I have a friend who invited me once to visit their church. I did and learned all their beliefs. The “mother god in korea in human form” or “heavenly god the mother”. The second coming of Jesus already happened in the human form of Jesus Anghankong (dont know the spelling). Our pastor told me to be careful because their belief is that once you pay attention or seem interested in their religion, they will baptize your right there and right then. They dont believe in the Holy Trinity which is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. For them Spirit is just a power within human. I am also looking for some text in the Bible to disprove my friend in her belief. Because I believe that they misinterpret the words of God in the Bible. My friend is a new convert of the WMSCOG, she really separated from her family’s religion. I am concerned of her. Pls share me some of your notes to disprove her beliefs. I came from philippines.

  14. GODisonlyONE says

    @Amanda ..involvement in such activities can only be resolved by the victims themselves. of course attentive counseling may help though may prove ineffective too. the behaviour of victims shows a deep indoctrination causing their minds to focus on only what are instructed to them. u xplain a thing, they wont listen and always they find ways escaping arguments or simply they just fall silent. what happened to my wife and kids is a product of deep involvement where even me as the head of the family lost control to any of them. my wife’s behaviour of lying indicates a serious malfunction of her subconscious. an alternate solution perhaps is to force them get out or say chain and lock them at home and re-educate them. but for certain, if somebody or on collective efforts, do something to extinguish the WMSCOG so it close down, then eveything is solved, next steps for the recuperation of the victims should already be easier. I think if rallies and demonstrations can be organized against this group, whether those affected or not, may eventually lead to their ejection and cease operation but who, well government and non-governmental organizations should be involved

  15. Vanessa says

    I was almost recruited by these people that I met on the street. Despite being a Christian for 15+ yrs, I was mesmerized by their false reports that were actually just cherry-picked quotes from the Bible. I studied with one Korean woman for about a month, and during that time I was thoroughly convinced that I had to divorce my Christian husband. Thank God my husband is so well-studied in the Bible and in Biblical history, for he was able to kick my arse at any debate. Finally I told this Korean lady that I didn’t want to spend anymore time studying with her. Of course she made me feel guilty, like as if I was going to hell. However, I look back on this one month of my life and shake my head in disgust that I ever prayed to some Korean man as if he was Jesus. I love my husband so much and am eternally indebted to him for saving my soul. Since then I have studied the Bible in more detail so that I am better prepared next time I meet a WMSCOG on the street. We also put together a Bible study to prove wrong all of WMSCOG’s teachings. The core of their belief is the second-coming of Christ in a Korean man named Ahnsanghong because they translate “clouds” to mean a human body. Well for a church that claims to be “word of faith” I’ve got news for them, JESUS will return in REAL CLOUDS. His followers LITERALLY watched Him ascend into the clouds. Then some angels came and said “….why do you look into the sky? This SAME Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen Him go into heaven.” Act 1:10-11

    My husband said it best when he said, “Clouds just sometimes mean clouds.” Touche!

    1. FollowerofChristJesus says

      Wow. Acts 1:10-11 is a perfect refute their doctrine on Christ’s 2nd coming. I was using Matthew 24:23-30. I would love to get some of the info you have compiled to refute their teachings. Let me know how I could do this. I was thinking if you could put your findings in a .pdf format and put it in a Dropbox folder and then send the link to me.

  16. yogesh says

    The same thing happened with my girl friend here in India I am going to take police action against that prostitute Jahng Jil Jah for misleading young girls she is prostitute as per Bible’s saying

  17. Feliz says

    My fiancee and I attended it for about two week, one sister slipped up during a study with my fiancee and said its shameful for a girl to be in a relationship. I had doubts about the whole 3rd day worship, and didnt believe I would go to hell if I missed a Sabbath service but still prayed at home.My fiancee and I both left and we still happily together. Thanks for sharing cause we would have had our love destroyed by these people as well if we had not found out early.

    1. Setufree says

      It’s true they try to say outside Worldy relationships are of Satan. Especially if you are not married and in a relationship/living together

    2. remco9519 says

      Congratulations Feliz, you and your fiancee have certain higher IQ’s than others who willingly and ignorantly submitted themselves to lies and deceptions of this WMSCOG which is kinda very destructive organization. In behalf of the Admin of this site and the members of the forum, we wish you good luck. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

    3. Ishy says

      These are scare tactics that all cults use in order to have you be obedient. Jesus is all you need for salvation, a true relationship with Him, repentance, and obedience to His Word. Not an organization who manipulates their members. Thanks for your story!

  18. Mark says

    Its Okay to slander us WMSCOG members and the gospel that we are preaching but I telling you that in the end you are the one who is going to lose…. 🙂

    1. Ishy says

      For there is only one name given among men whereby we must be saved. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. That is what the Bible says. Not mother God. NOT A FLESHLY MAN AND HIS WIFE. PLEASE SEEK JESUS!!! You are in a cult.

  19. REW says

    Very informative, I have a nephew involved with this group and it scares me.

  20. jonas says

    I haven’t even been involved for two months and now I can’t even go back because I punched some guy in the face during an awards ceremony. They kicked me out and forbid me to return. I can’t believe I was baptized and then told to pray some Korean man and women who they don’t even mention before your baptism. Thank Ron Ramos or whoever the admin is for doing countless hours of research and studying. If it weren’t for this website I would still be their as their slave. It is more of a business then it is a church. My prayers are with this poor woman tonight. GOD BLESS YOU!!

  21. Mark says

    Low and behold after many years of helping people out of cult groups, I found out this past week that my grandson is now involved with the WMSGOG. I have been researching this group and speaking at Metro State University attempting to reduce their aggressive recruiting efforts on the the campus. A group of us met with a local leader of the Church of God on the campus but after about 20 minutes of discussion he left very angry yelling at us. I am looking for any ex- member in the Denver area to pleas contact me.

    1. timothy says

      mark I know them all well enough, but what good will that do you?

  22. Mountainmom says

    Mark, post in the examining forum and someone will most likely send you a private message there. I think there are some former Denver people on the site.

  23. Ama says

    Acts 5:38-39 there for leave there men alone if their purpose is of human origin it will fail but if it is from God you will not be able to stop them you will only fine youselves fighting against God.

    1. UntouchableJ says

      Somethings in the bible, are pointing at the specific story they are aligned to. Lets remember that.

  24. Ishy says

    I’m praying for the true and living God to comfort all of you from the hurt that this cult has caused you. I am an evangelical minister and I too was approached by 4 people in this cult today at Wal-Mart in Houston, TX. They asked me if they could have my number so that they could have Bible study with me and invite me to church. I immediately felt the unction of the Holy Spirit and told me it was a cult. I told the ladies that I could take their number and after I speak to the Holy Spirit and research their organization, I may give her a call. They looked puzzled and relectantantly agreed to wait on my call. So I researched and saw what the cult REALLY believes and I knew they were planning to eventually tell me that the founder’s wife is really the Holy Spirit. I used to belong to a cult 4 years ago so I knew it was demonic teaching. God bless you for sharing your comments and experiences to enlighten us all and to warn others. Thank you.

  25. jacob says

    words can’t explain what I am going through, my relationship is broken because of this. nothing works, doesn’t matter how much you explain or try to motivate them to get out from this cult. I’m so depressed about this and I don’t know what to do. I do love her but the same time nothing is working. I am so happy to find this forum!

  26. mountainmom says

    Jacob, go to the forum and post there. You will make many contacts who can provide support. I am very sorry for what you have gone through. It sounds like the typical experience non members have when trying to get their loved ones to see how manipulative and destructive this group is.

  27. Name (required) says

    I read your story and it was so heart breaking. I hope you are in better spirits now and keep your head up

  28. kitkat99 says

    This is a destructive cult, they are arranging marriages, breaking up families……this is not GOD, Let’s all pray that the true GOD will soon do something and all the victims wake up…’s really sad that we are all going through this but I do believe the truth should be exposed at some point, how long can a lie continue?

    Tonight I will pray for your husband and I hope he wakes up and comes back to you, it’s really painful what this church is doing to families.

  29. Concerned Reader says

    This cult is absolutely crazy. My friend and I are going to be making a podcast focusing on WMSCOG’s mind-control tactics and how to recognize and avoid them. Are there any ex-members here that would be willing to be inteviewed? Anonymously, of course

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