How The WMSCOG Indoctrinates And Changes A Person’s Life – Part 5 of 5

17.  Never Take Action In The Cult Leaders’ Names

The cult leaders are free from all responsibility. To make a request in the cult leader’s name is to blame the cult leader for any ill will that might result. To claim, for example, that “I divorced my wife because the leader told me to” is to refuse responsibility for one’s own actions. Although a cult leader may have “shown the way,” a member divorces his wife or disowns his children because it’s the “right thing to do.” To use the leader as an excuse is just another way to express doubt.

When have church leaders ever accepted responsibility for bad advice given to members, false prophecies, or financial incompetence?  When something didn’t work out for a member in the World Mission Society Church Of God it often seemed to be the member’s fault and never the organization or its leadership.  If the organization monopolizes all of a member’s time and the member’s spouse divorces them, then is that the member’s fault or the organization’s?

18.  Act Automatically

Members must strive to act in accordance with the cult leaders’ wishes without thinking. The conditioning, confusion, and fear to which the members are subjected result in a set of new behaviors that take the place of what normally might be called intuition or instinct. Once achieved, this automatic behavior is a welcome relief from the constant questioning of one’s own actions.

WMSCOG members are told not to “use your own mind” early on.  Independent critical thinking is suppressed and blind obedience is encouraged.  Members are told that those of high faith “just follow” or “just believe” without any doubts or questions. Critical thinking seems to be discouraged.

19.  Witness and Accept The Leaders’ Faults

Once they reach the highest levels of the cult pyramid, members are privy to their leaders’ darkest actions. Members must also come to terms with the abusive behavior of their leaders.

Fortunately for me, I did not reach a high level on the group’s “pyramid”.  As for my family member, I am sure that he is on the right track and will get there eventually.  If any former WMSCOG member would like to add an experience of their own that is relevant to this step in the indoctrination process, please comment below, or in the forum.

20.  The Cult Leaders Are Perfection

The final stage of cult indoctrination is to accept the leaders as the perfect center of the universe, from which all else derives. The “fully evolved” cult member thus understands all the pain and suffering as resistance to the cult leaders’ divinity. The leader is the single point of entry for God and perfection in the otherwise imperfect universe.

WMSCOG members consider their “father and mother” perfect and are very easily offended by any criticism made about them or the group.  WMSCOG members often can not conceive that their “father and mother” could do any wrong, make mistakes, commit sin, etc. no matter what proof you may be able to provide.  This defensive mechanism is a tell-tale sign that the indoctrination process have been successful.  The member does not critically analyze the organization or its leadership.

Once cult leaders have achieved such a stature in his followers’ minds, the leader can ask them to do anything, even to kill themselves. They already have been trained to go against their own instincts. Thwarting one’s natural tendency toward self-preservation becomes a pleasurable, almost fetishistic obsession. As members look for more outrageous ways to break their own attachment to life, suicide emerges as the ultimate act of devotion.

In my experience, fully indoctrinated WMSCOG members viewed normal life activities as a waste of time and were not concerned with their lives here on earth.  The more they forsook the “worldly garbage” and focused on working as hard as possible to repay God’s grace, the less they focused on family, friends, work, paying bills, etc.  Suicide is one aspect of destructive groups that does not exist at the present time in the WMSCOG.

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  1. Carlos says

    Thank you for helping me to open my eyes. This people knocked at my door just a few weeks ago and I made the mistake of letting them enter my home. Thanks to pages like this and other similar I’ve visited I’ve realized that this “organization” is not a church at all, and that this kind of manipulation represents a serious risk for all of us: mankind.

    Sincerely: thanks to you


    1. admin says

      Hello Carlos,
      Thank you so much for your kinds words of encouragement! Please warn everyone you know so that they can have the opportunity to make an informed decision like you did.

  2. candice says

    Thanks for this info. One of my family member are in this and how do I get her to see that this isn’t what she needs. I feel she is too far in already and don’t want to see her do something bad. So I’m Asking for help!! Please and thank you.

    1. admin says

      you’re welcome Candice. I have e-mailed you. please check your e-mail for more information.

  3. Meme says

    If you have already been baptized, how do you just leave? Did they try to find you afterward? I’m asking because they take your address and phone number and everything when you get baptized… I knew something was wrong when they started to say that there was a man and woman that was god on earth and their songs
    were to them instead of god himself.

    1. admin says

      Meme, thanks for your question. When you stop attending, you can expect to be contacted by whoever was in charge of monitoring your activity. Kindly explain that you do not want to return and move on if that is what you wish to do. Don’t fall for their “we can answer any questions you have if you just come to do one more study” line. Or my favorite, “the internet is full of lies from satan”. That is just an attempt to suck you back in to their deception.

    2. Sarah says

      Hello Meme, as a former member I encourage you not to fear them. Yes, i bet they wrote your name and info in their so called book of life. They have many fear tactics and the more we are open about them, the more Jesus and His angels will protect us. If possible, just change your location for your peace of mind. We must keep praying for God to intervene. This is a money making organisation and we have the right to speak freely, especially after experiencing how they operate. They often claim people come and spy on them at their so called Zion. if they were truly who they say they are then they wont worry so much. how many times did Jesus take anyone to court?? How many times did he lie?? How many times did he demand that families only focus on him and not love their families?? Never did he do any of those things i mentioned. They carefully observe all members continuously. Cameras inside the sanctuary right on the congregation always made me feel uncomfortable. The so called mother never leaves Korea but is stationed there – why is that? Jesus moved about spreading that which he came for. This woman is not God and their is only one true God – Jesus of Nazareth. They will continue to put fear into the minds of their members. As we all know 2012 has come and gone. And only the God of Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob know when He will be back. We must pray in one accord, we must pray faithfully. The one thing that has always assured me that they are false, is that Jesus would not have chosen to be born into a pagan idol worship family. Their so called Christ was born in a contradictory way. He, God, gave us common sense for a reason. However, due to the intensity of their mind control tactics, it’s so easy to ignore the obvious. Too many lives have been destroyed, mine too, so yes, I will fight the good fight of faith in the almighty name of Jesus Chris who IS THE TRUE GOD! Meme, do not fear! We have a God greater than lies who sincerely forgives and protects.

      1. Tara Tanner says


        Thank you for your affirmation that Jesus Christ is the one true and living God! I really appreciated your post. I am on this site because a couple came to my door today. I really feel like they were sent to my house for a reason. Perhaps so that their minds would be freed from the deception they are following. My heart breaks for these two people, especially the young lady who seemed to be the “trainee”. She has my cell phone and I have hers. I am praying that something I shared with her today would be a seed planted that God would grow to deliver her. Please pray for her and that God would give me wisdom, as I feel that I should share with her again. Any further insight would be appreciated.


  4. John says

    I have a family memeber who is this program. I am deeply concerned along with my mother and father to how intertwined she has become in this ‘church.’ I anyone can offer me any adivice or assistance with thi problem, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m so lost right now 🙁

    1. admin says

      Hello John, will be in touch via e-mail. Please make sure you receive it.

  5. B. says

    my daughter has recently started attending the WMSCOG and seems unfazed by my questions concerning how quickly she has rejected EVERYTHING she was taught while growing up. She is studying with the church and seems very meek, in contrast to her normal bubbly, almost sassy personality. How can I show her the truth?

    1. admin says

      B., thank you for commenting. I’ve also seen personality changes in my loved one. I would suggest reading the books suggested here. They should be provide guidance on how to communicate effectively with your daughter.

  6. Dee says

    Thank you for this. My family member is deeply involved and even went to Korea this past fall. since I am catholic he basically does not even acknowledge me. I am worried for him. What can I do to help him? Thank you.

    1. admin says

      Hi Dee,

      Sorry to hear about your family member. I have sent you an e-mail to follow up.

  7. L. says

    My daughter is a member of this church within 3 weeks it was like “Invasion of the body snatchers” what’s worst is that my 5 year old grandson is being taught and brainwashed initially when she came to me she was very adamant and mean spirited because I could not wrap my mind around a “Mother God” and “Ahnsahnghong” she lives in my home so she does not mention it anymore nor do I this way we can live in a more peaceful environment. Any words or help would be appreaciated.

    1. Rahab says

      I sympathize with you completely. My loved one became involved with this church while oversease and after coming home he was a different person. The first 6 months were absolutely awful. We made an agreement not to get the kids involved because they weren’t ready and we needed to work things out between us first. All glory goes to God for protecting my precious darlings. My advice for you is to keep loving her as much as possible. This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Get a copy of Steve Hassan’s book “Releasing the Bonds.” Educate yourself and try not to panic. Your daughter is going to lash out at you so try to remain patient, loving and logical. Also do things, have conversations that bring up her authentic self before she joined the group, her pre-cult self. Try not to argue scripture. From the very beginning this group tries to seperate the new recruit from his/her family and previous life. They instill predetermined answers to your questions and usually say that you need to come to her church and study more. Keep exploring this site and any of the links. Be strong in your faith and live your life as an example to your daughter. You can do this with a lot of love, prayers and patience. Remember you are not alone.

  8. Ellie says

    My mum has been attending this church for the past few months. I think though I have started to get through to her by relaying the information I have found on your site so thank you. My mum was also beginning to have her own doubts but this website has given much clarity.
    I just want to add that they (or should I say her recruiter) have been calling her and coming around constantly, and I feel like they have preyed on my mother as she is fairly unwell and emotionally unstable. There have been times when they have knocked on the door when for 1 hour, non stop, I am not exaggerating. My Mum took this as a warning sign, this behaviour didn’t seem normal. What was more concerning was that 2 hours after this incident their car was still parked in our street. Could this have been them monitoring my mums activity? There have been other instances where my mum has not attended the Tuesday service and her recruiters car drove past and parked at the street adjacent to ours and have been there for a few hours!!! They didn’t come to the door, but I felt like they where again watching what was going on at our home? Am I just being overly concerned or is this a common thing that occurs with this organisation?
    I knew something was wrong with this organisation as soon as my mother said she wasn’t given access to their bible at church, she was told she wasn’t allowed to read it yet. The whole thing worries me.

    1. Rahab says

      You are right to be concerned. This group is one to be wary of. Please try your best to keep your Mum away from them. If you suspect someone stalking your house, call the police. If you engage them, be polite, respectful, and strong. It is this group’s practice to constantly bombard new recruits and its members with visits, phone calls, emails, etc. I would be a red flag for me if a church group told me that I wasn’t allowed to read the Bible. It has been reported that this church tells members that they are not capable of reading the Bible on their own. They require that you study in groups so that they can tell you their interpretations in the lessons. They take scriptures out of context and piece them together to make their own conclusions. Your instincts are correct. Follow them.

  9. Joseph says

    thanks for this info. One of my family member are in this and how do I get her to see that this is all a can I open he eyes?.

  10. Denver says

    I would like to comment from a Christian perspective: One thing we all should be aware of is that, in all so caled churches, there is a degree of indoctrination involved, where church leaders incorporate their own teachings as make it look like it comes from the Bible. So, it’s a matter of one checking everything. I don’t know much about WMSCOG, but judging by the comments from those with first hand experience, I sense that this is not a Christian religion per se but one one of the pagan religions.

    My advice is, especially those that consider themselves Christian, to check everything against the Bible,(off course starting with themselves) to make sure that they themselves are on the right path before attempting to correct family members who might be misled somewhere. Otherwise, how do we save others when we ourselves are lost in the first place?
    My approach would be to make sure that my family and I stand on a firm Biblical foundation (by studying and living by the Word)so that it won’t b easy to be carried away by false teachers roaming around. For example, [group names removed by admin] has succesfully infiltrated Protestant, Charismatic and Apostolic churches, working from within, to get them back to the same errors, deception and indoctrination taught by early church “Fathers”. So, who can accuse who for being deceived??

    I would appreciate if someone could clarify whether or not this organisation is Christian?

  11. ed144 says

    they dont even consider themselves as Christians but a new world religion

  12. AT says

    Amilkar 06/21/2012 Yes I aks one day “mother god ” represents our “spirtual” mother ???? Tying to understand were all this came from ? The Deacon told me NO SHE IS GOD…… and every body in the church understand it this was SHE IS GOD. These first and second they want all your time for them I was really tire and scare then I did not came back to the church,every time I ask something they will tell you NO you need to study more, you are like a child you need small amount of food FIRST. They interpret the bible ther own way, to match their believes. I am so sad because my wife of thirty years both of us Medical doctors in our country and now RN/BSN given our work to our community, to help people sick, WE are been decive… Thanks Help Question do you think that Hassan book will help me how about her if she dosen”t read it ??? I do not read thei books because of the same reason Thanks again…

  13. EN says

    We are close friends with a young couple.
    They made the mistake of opening their door to these people. Now the wife is trapped in their net and completely brain washed by their publication “Evidence”
    The family is tearing apart even as we speak.
    Would appreciate any resource you can send me to reverse the situation.

    1. admin says

      Hi EN,

      Sorry to hear about the young couple. You might show them that Ahn never believed in a mother god, or pictures of him with his real church the NCPCOG, or his handwritten notes that the NCPCOG has, but the WMS does not. If you translate those, I don’t think you’ll be finding much about a mother god.

  14. RJ says

    I would welcome any suggestions to bring my child out as well.
    How is this happening? It has to be more than about serving truth? My daughter has nothing in terms of finances?

    1. admin says

      Hello RJ and thank you for commenting. Please consider posting your question to the forum as you will likely get more replies there.

    2. T.H. says

      RJ, right now your daughter has been ensnared by teachings that are designed by this group in order to separate her from her family and friends. During the first teachings I’m sure that she was told something like, “Your family and friends are not going to understand what you have learned. It’s because the truth is not in them. You are one of us and they are being lead astray by Satan. They will try to take the truth away from you and try to convince you away from the truth.” By labeling their doctrine the “Truth” it makes everything else something other than the truth. As you have already read in this website this group twist the Word of God to suit their doctrine. Right now don’t dispute scriptures with her. Instead, keep reminding her about how much her family loves her. This group will replace the family if they can. They will try to convince her that they are her spiritual family and that they are more important than her physical family. Try not to give her a reason to feel rejected. This will only push her further into this cult. Keep reminding her about all of the good times and her good friends from before she joined this group. The more positive things you can remind her of the better. Make it so that the cult cannot compete in the love department.

      1. RJ says

        T.H. you are so correct! That is exactly the “Truth” as she has been conditioned to feel/think. I wish I understood this particular group’s motives…

        T.H. I appreciate your MUCH NEEDED gifted & compassionate response.

  15. Christina says

    Like maybe 4 weeks ago a man and a woman were knocking on my door asking me if they could show me something in the Bible. I said yes and she started of by saying” God said let US . So she asked if I had any idea what US meant in the Bible . I told her not really so they asked if they could come in for a couple minutes and show me. When they got in the guy took over asking me if I knew about the Bible. So he told me the US means God and his Wife and he showed me things in the Bible that supported that claim. They came like almost every day since the last 4 weeks showing me things and teaching me the Bible . He told me that they were the only true church who lives by gods laws and everybody else would go to hell because the Bible says so. My husband knows the Bible but he’s away right now. So every time I learned something new I told him and he told me that’s not what the Bible says. To make it short is like brainwash really and putting that fear in you that if you don’t become a member you going to hell is like almost every question i had he had an answer and it stared to make sence. I went to their church with my kids and I had that feeling in my stomach that something wasn’t right but after the service we had more Bible study and that’s when he told me about the second coming Jesus or like he told me God ,Jesus and the Holy Spirt are all the same and God came from heaven to eart as Jesus to teach us how to obey him, but when he told me he saw his picture and his name is Ahnsangtong it was like something is wrong . I went home and I had this fear in me about God I thought I was going crazy. But again to make it short is really brainwash what they do and you need people around you who will help you to see the truth and you need websites like this who can help you. I think it was the point when he told me to get baptized and if I would I couldn’t go to no other church not even if one of my kids or my brother would die and they wouldn’t be a member and if my husband doesn’t become a member he would go to hell but I would go to heaven because my husband and all the other church are all going to burn in hell because they don’t obey gods laws . Funny thing is god said don’t have no other gods beside me but the members of the church of god believe in the sun god is in their book “my sheep listen to my voice” he gave me this book to read. I’m just glad I saw the truth and I believe in my heart it was god who showed me the truth.

    1. admin says

      Hi Christina,

      Glad to hear you are back to following Jesus Christ, and not the false messiah Ahn Sahng-Hong.

      I don’t remember reading about them believing in a sun god in my sheep listen to my voice. I’m pretty sure they don’t, but could you tell me which chapter you are talking about? maybe it’s just the way it’s worded.

  16. jessa27 says

    please help me. After reading the information about your website, I finally know that I walk in the wrong path. I’m a born again christian before and until now I attended in the our church. But at the same time, that Korean cult still bothered me always. They call and text me, even come to our house and talk my mom about their mother god and that ahnshanghong. I still come to their church because I something believe in some of their videos that they show me, but now I now that they are false .. please help me to get out of that cult. Really I believe only in God from the beginning. 🙁

    1. admin says

      hi jessa, please check your e-mail for a response from me.

  17. Tlahuiltzin says

    I was recently approached by this group and attended some bible studies. The only reason I let them in was because they claimed to be theology students…I figured they were graduate students doing research but then I clearly saw they were preaching. I was slightly intrigued, I asked them which church they were preaching for and they told me it was a non-denominational Christian Church that ONLY followed the teachings of the bible. I was intrigued by the “Women representation in the bible so i agreed to hear more. They weren’t super pushy and they were always friendly. I was curious about which prophecies they believed in, more than anything I was interested in them from a sociological perspective. Anyway, every lesson was more and more wild! When I would ask “OK, obviously you believe second coming Christ and his Bride are already here so who are they?” they would tell me I’m not ready yet. Finally, they invited me to study in their church and that is what freaked me out. Everyone was crazy friendly, they were eating there like they lived there, and it just gave me a bad feeling. I looked at the name of their church and took note of it. So, I googled it and found a lot and was finally let here. I feel like I escaped the clutches of something awful and I am SO glad I found this so I could avoid them better.

    1. T.H. says

      Many of the people who are trapped in this group are honestly well intentioned people. I thank god that you realized for yourself that there was something wrong and that you were not so far indoctrinated by their studies that you couldn’t see the obvious. What happened to you is called “Love Bombing.” They overwhelm you with friendliness and for the individuals who are lonely even though it seems strange it is also welcomed in part. It also makes a person not want to be rude so some of the questions that should be asked and answered first thing never get brought up or they are pushed to the side until they are forgotten about. You are very lucky that you didn’t fall for this. Many people do fall for it and for some it cost them more than they ever imagined. It’s sad because like I said, most of these people are good, honest people who don’t deserve to be mislead by this. They also defend what they are taught because of the mind manipulation that is ingrained throughout the WMSCOG and it’s teachings. I thank god you are out and not trapped by this. Warn as many people as you can.

  18. Gloria R. says

    My sister and her daughter have been involved in WMSCOG for over a year now and I am convinced that they are lost to the family and all previous relations. My instinct is to leave them alone – I have shared info on their group WMSCOG and engaged in some biblical back and forth to no avail – so at this point I am solely relying on my faith in God and am praying for their deliverance. They are trying to convince my other neice to enter the “church” but she is resisting and I feel for her too because she has been isolated by my sisters defection to WMSCOG – the true Bible interpretation definitely doesn’t teach isolating yourself from your family.

    1. T.H. says

      Gloria, please do yourself and your entire family a favor. DO NOT SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM YOUR SISTER! Leaving her alone is a very bad idea. Otherwise this group could play the role of “support system”. Your best plan of action is to keep loving your sister and reminding her that there are people outside of this group that care about her. The more memories and good times you can share with her the less of a strangle hold this group will have on her. I also had a loved one that was seduced by this group for over a year. I have been in your shoes. There is hope! No one stays in forever! The ones that are able to really deal well with coming out of these types of groups are the people who have loved ones outside of the group. If your sister feels like she has no where to go she will stay in the group even longer. Don’t let that happen! Show her love, compassion, and devotion and sooner or later this group is going to mess up. When she starts to wake up she’s not going to know what to do but if you’ve always been there she will have someone that she can talk to. Keep your faith in Jesus Christ strong and keep loving her.

  19. ryan says

    Im very thankful i found this wife almost joined this cult and she is actually praying to these False prophets.We almost separated because she became a different person.Im not good in explaining biblical things but i did not gave up serching for evidence that WMSCOG is a cult.Thanks to all the ppl who shared their experince and ideas.U guys are saving a lot of lives.My family is ok now..
    Sorry for my grammar im not good in english….

  20. Vai says

    Hi, Im so happy to have found this site. I love that you provide valid information to help us to help those stuck. I have a sister who is in it and very gullible and now she is trying to pull my cousin in, but she seems to be doing it secretive. I have printed out so many of the information on your site to give to my cousin, so she can read for herself. My cousin is already pulled in by the scriptures and “facts”. how do i get my sister to see that this is right? she wants to always have a debate and show me the same scriptures over and over. Please help! so far I’ve started off by just praying for her…..

  21. Dottie Lewis says

    My daughter and son in law have been involved in this cult for 2 years. The most frustrating part besides the mind control is when you try to read all the books etc it tells you to show the cult member love, don’t bring up the cult, do not discuss the cult, never say brainwashed…My entire family did this for a year. My daughter went from cult member to cult leader! When I tried to get in touch with cult expert their advice was what I did for first year. BUT the next step is an intervention which is very expensive.
    I am stuck and worry tremendously not only for my daughter but my grand daughters.

  22. A says

    hi wow , my daughter is in to this group also, she has givin all her christmas stuff away and will not listen to any of my concerns. She said to leave her along and i am driving her away. She has never acted like this ever. What do i do?

    Thank you

  23. Kristin says

    My niece has been part of this “church” for almost 3 years now. It’s getting worse and she rarely spends time with our family now including her mom and dad. She is on the verge of dropping out of school and spends very waking minute at the church. No one wants to push her away but we don’t know what to do anymore. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to get her out. Please help!

  24. Wally says

    Hi there,

    One of my best friend became involved in the “church” awhile ago. I don’t want to get into any arguments and alienate him further but are there any technique or resources available to getting him away from the wmscog or seeing their folly? They seem to take up his entire being.

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