Historical Revisionism & Contextomy

In researching the World Mission Society Church of God‘s claims about historical events, we have noticed that the WMSCOG uses historical revisionism and contextomy to make many of their arguments.  Here is an excellent series on the WMSCOG’s claims about the symbol of the cross and their claims about who represents the antichrist, that demonstrate an exorbitant amount of flawed representation.  The WMSCOG’s common use of historical revisionism raises a few questions:

  • Why does an organization that claims to be the only ones to have “the truth”, distort historical facts and quote sources out of context?
  • If the WMSCOG openly admitted a mistake (this has yet to be seen), would that be an acceptable answer?  Wouldn’t their “mother god” have advised them to correct their mistakes long before mere humans would find them?
  • Does the WMSCOG assume that their members will not fact-check their historical claims?
  • Is this a reason for why the WMSCOG warns members not to go to the Internet?  Is this a reason why they convince members early on that the Internet is full of lies and persecution?

The most important question to ask here is, if the WMSCOG distorts history and misquotes literary works, why would you trust their Bible interpretations?  How is is possible for an organization to reconcile distorted claims regarding readily accessible information, while at the same time claiming to have “the truth” of the Bible?

Below you will find more examples of the historical revisionism and contextomy found in their own literature and publications.

  1. Did Constantine Abolish The Sabbath?