"You took out a website to waste your time??"

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    Well, lots of love from these folks. Obviously we should be following their example. NOT EVEN ON MY WORST DAY!!! This website is a much better use of our time and effort then shoveling the p-o-o-p of the WMSCOG onto others. We'll keep reaching out to you and bringing you truth and proof. One day you will wake up, the veil will be lifted, the wool will be pulled away from your eyes, and you will see the man behind the curtain of the WMSCOG for yourself. Ever wonder why the people who truly leave the WMSCOG never come back? The truth will set you free!



    Kind of interesting, some members were telling their parents, "Anyone who meets the Mother will never leave the church".  Yet  there are people who met her three times and still left the church  and didn't come back. 

    One member who met her was asked what she was like.  He said "She was nice."  That's it!?!?!?   Really?????? You met God and "she was nice?"  No falling on your knees in complete rapture, no unabated joyous feelings?  No lightening bolts  or anything?  She was just "nice?"  Oh please. 

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