Wow, this is unbelievable! Really disappointing!

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    This is taken from the site from the church of God .  This is a comment posted regarding comments posted by a Elie, and a Val.  Elie has be debated on this site and then all of a sudden  a "Val" post that he is a current member and would like to also know the answer to Elie's question and calls the church of God "Suspecious".



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    Nice try Elie, we know who is the liar now, to masquerade as a member of the church of God in order to persecute and slander us, this is very malicious and cowardly! Here is the information that “val” used to write his comments you will find that his IP address is the same as Elie’s

    Val- email – www_clou***[email protected] –IP Address –

    Elie – email – eliev****[email protected] –IP Address –

    ">Quote Val “Why don’t you guys just answer Elie’s question? I am a new wmscog member and I would also like to know the answer. I have been trying to ask our deacon the same question but like Sonja, he also doesn’t give a definite answer. If you want us new members to trust you then don’t ask so suspicious.”

    Unless both ‘val’ and ‘elie’ just happened to live in the same house or frequented the same starbucks to use their wifi, you can’t have the same IP address. Elie, you are a LIAR! You dare to make believe and “masquerade” as a member of the Church of God so you can make us look bad! This is how members of the Examining use malicious and unscrupolous tactics to defame the church of God. Shame on you Elie!

    2 cor 11:14-15:

    And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

    It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

    Fromtheotherside's comment:

    So is this the way you guys present yourselves?  Admin, this is a valid post.  I would like to know how many of you go about 

    "masquerading" as wmscog members trying to defame the Church of God?  So can even all this testimony or supposed "ex members" be trusted anymore??? Or did you guys just make up all these things?  Elie you lied.  You lied and made up a fake person  trying to make the Church of God look "suspecious"  I think this just make all of the stories from supposed ex members come out to be fake.  I hope you guys try to stop you cruel dishonest actions.  We can now know that the things posted here are all possibly Falsified, madeup stories by the members of this site.  None of them can be trusted because of Elie's Lie's.  I can't tell the amount of damage you guys create for members of the Church of God, how many families you guys have broken up, and lives you guys are ruining. At the church of God we promote love and family, we help the poor and needy and our members we love to give willingly to the people of this world.  Yes we threw away our lives here on earth we threw away anything that is "ours' so we can give it to the people of this world.  Maybe some parants or loved ones may want that back but we love to help people and we are sorry we devote our every being to the poor people suffering on this world from droughts and hunger and disasters.  But that's what we love to do.  

    But to turn all our good deeds around and to call us names and make up stories in order to make us look bad, SHAME ON YOU ELIE! You have been caught red handed!  You people need know what is selfish truely what is selfish, to live for yourselves, or to serve and to give what you have back to the people of this world, to give you blood and sweat and time, your life to help the people in need.  You guys need to wake up and realize that there are more important things in this world than just having fun.  It's about making a difference in the world.  Whether it be cleaning up a street or helping to rebuild house destroyed by a tornado or flood, or installing water pumps so children in africa and other 3rd world countries can have atleast some comfort.  We grew up with so much and we thank our parents for providing it for us, now we want to just give it back to other children to other families, but why do you guys want to stop that? So we can have fun as a family? Even doctors who move to the amazon jungle to help tribes get medical help there rarely see their family but they don't make up stories trying to get their son back home.  So you guys need to really look at your actions and realize the pain you are causing to you loved ones, and know if you truely love them you will let them do what they feel is right and what brings them joy!  

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