World Mission Society Church of God – Email Response with Genny and Kevin Maxwel

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    My name is Zoom, Professor Zoom as in the comics of the Flash.

    Anyway, the reason why I signed up today is I want to continue a conversation I was having with Genny regarding World Mission Society Church of God and the reasons for the attacks on the internet and on YouTube. The forum is simple and easy to ask a question and respond.

    I’m a current member (one year and half year), and I have been struggling to understand all the sermons (50 subjects) and have 100% faith in both God The Father and God The Mother. so I’m not all knowing.

    So, Genny or Kevin Maxwell, would you like to ask a question?

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    Hi Zoom

    I am eric. This may not be the place to ask you a question since you intend for Genny and Kevin. Let me know if I can ask you a question somewhere else. Thanks.





    Hi Zoom. We’ve been talking by email, and I sent the last response to your questions/points.

    Either you can respond or ask questions here (it’s your turn), or if you want, I can copy my last email response to you here to get you started.




    Sure, everybody is welcomed. Just as long as it’s respectful and its not prerogative. Also note that I don’t have all the answers for the questions you may ask, I don’t claim to know it all and when I don’t know I will say I don’t know so I won’t lie to you.


    I think you asked me about Adam and Eve and how they can be perceive as one flesh.

    Genesis 2:21-24

    Matthew 19:4-5

    Ephesians 5:31

    Malachi 2:15

    Mark 10:8


    I just want to add something here, I don’t remember if genny was the one that asked me or I looked it up on the internet, but the attack on heavenly mother regarding salvation is unwarranted because the wmscog is not saying heavenly is the only one giving salvation (like only her without father), just like when conceiving  a baby there is need for two materials; 1. sperm and 2. egg.

    Some people on the internet think we are saying the male image of God (father, son and holy spirit) cannot give life because he is male, I really urge you people (if you have already studied with wmscog) to read chapter 4: Heavenly mother in Elohim academy book. It says it plainly that male image (Jesus) has the power to give eternal life. But he choose to give on the last day. Its not that we attacking the male image, its just that God has a will. Just as Eve was revealed on the last day (6 day and one the 7th he rested) by first Adam so must the last Adam reveal heavenly mother when the time was right which on the 6th day.

    I still haven’t heard any good rebuttal to the will of God having both sexes male and female and the importance of female (egg) and male (sperm).



    Hi Zoom. Happy New Year!

    I think you asked me about Adam and Eve and how they can be perceive as one flesh.

    We know that a husband and wife become “one” as in united in goals, dreams, child-rearing, etc., however they do not become one physical being, like conjoined twins.

    But “becoming one flesh” is a euphemism for a particular act when two people make one. It doesn’t just happen with husband and wife. Read 1 Cor. 6:16. Do I need to spell it out? (I will, if you need it, but I was trying to be discreet for other readers.) Is this what you mean in regards to “Father and Mother” as well?

    Here are a two of the other open points from our email exchange. Maybe you have had time to consider them further…

    About the 144,000

    Ahnsahnghong taught that ONLY 144,000 (literal number) would go to heave ALIVE. That means everyone else has to die to get to heaven. But the wmscog teaches that everyone who keeps the Passover will be protected from death (by accident, crime, disaster, plagues, etc.). And there are more than 144,000 people who have taken the Passover with the wmscog. Therefore what happens to the million plus people who don’t get to go to heaven alive, but also don’t die when the world ends?

    About the calendar and the Passover

    It is very important for you to celebrate on the 14th day of the 1st month. How exactly do you calculate when that is so you know you are keeping the right day? I mean, I know you rely on the wmscog to tell you when that it, but how do they calculate that and how can you know it is right? Or, if someone else kept a different day but said it was the 14th day of the 1st month, how would you tell them they should fix their calculations?



    Hi Easyaccess,

    I am a member of wmscog, nice to meet you.

    Please read 1440.000






    Hi Zoom. Haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you? Have you thought of the questions I asked? I’m looking forward to answers, either from you or from another wmscog member who may be reading.


    Your link did not answer the question about the 144,000. Would you like to try explaining what you were trying to get across with that?

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