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    I'd like to share this propaganda video — it is in Spanish —


    A reason why i'm working on my documentary about the WMSCOG. The media never ask direct and straightforwad questions about the WMSCOG. Therefore, we must do the job for the media.

    Any thoughts on this.?

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    This video is of ATV 9 News, a local TV channel in Lima, Peru, where I live. It's just a story of information, but is not propaganda.

    Previously, they did an interview with Deacon of WMSCOG in Lima, Peru, a few years ago:

    I am sure that these interviews are produced under the influence of WMSCOG members who know the directors of these channels. That's why there is no question about WMSCOG in the development of the news.

    So, in all the spanish videos of WMSCOG you can find all my replies as lllTeraflopslll.


    Abhigail Delema

    I watched this vedio with one of my friends who visted korea,she told me that all these clips taken in this vedio are in the elohim institue and go and come institute they are all pre-planned and taken .In the second vedio there is a bald head guy who sang a song for them and is no more with them he has left the wmscog you can see him in the second vedio at the count of the vedio at 1:48 sec this is what i was told by a korean deconess when i was there, as i know and i have seen theyalways beg the media to come and make publicty for them in India (Mumbai) let it be street cleanning or blood donation drive and the we love you slogan is practiced at least 8 times and members are all grumbling and tired of their drama.Teraflops your right with what you have said above i agee with you.Like here in India large group leaders were asked to ask members if they knew anyone in the media  ,radio, etc so that we could spread the news about Elohim god and give them glory but till i was there they did not suceed and even today i dont see them in any news channel etc could be because they are not legally established here.

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