Wmscog is 100% FALSE ( FORMER MEMBER)


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    I gotta admit i hated this place and certain videos.. that was around 2012..

    I grew fast and learned tgeir bible studies faster than most. I taught bible studies. I was in charge on the landscaping committee and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Because they pushed me so hard to become a deacon i had to drink to sleep. They forced me to keep home worship. Then after having alcohol withdrawal symptoms the missionary john causeus told me not to come back for 1 year (even though i quit drinking cold turkey when i 1st went there so now God doesn’t have that powrr? According to the missionary who left before 6 months even hit…)
    Then missionary alex in Ridgewood i reached out to after 2members ran into me in person and were raught correct for some reason. They say everything happens for a reason yet when these 2 brothers tried bringing me back, missionary alex said “i never knew you” trying to be like Jesus Christ in Mathew7:21-23..
    Theres a verse stating bringing 1 sinner to repentance can cover a multitude of sins!!
    Missionary alex said that verse is wrong.. this church stated 1 verse is wrong than tge entire bible is wrong. Yet they refused to let me bring my wife to get baptized!!: why preach when you refuse salvation to people?? I literally have tons of situations that happened in that church that proves them as hypocrites. They hate loopholes well i can prove evety loophole they use to break laws in and out of the bible!

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