"Who is "us" in Genesis?

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    I don't really know if this has any relevance to wmscog, but when reading and re-reading about Elohim/supposedly plural Gods etc. I noticed that in Genesis:3.22 it says "And the Lord God said, "The man has now become like of us, knowing good and evil……" Does anyone have an explanation for the who the "us" are?

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    It would be the same us as 1:26 and all the other uses WMC points out "father and mother" the real meaning is unclear I suppose because pluralis excellente seems contrary to God's nature and trinity is one  thus not an us and some like to say us is angels but angels didn't make man so 1:26 rules that out.



    Jesus is the word and in the beginning the word was with God. The spirit of God also is present at this time as it is over the waters. All three were there in the beginning. We do accept that the trinity is one however, the trinity is also three. How would we really be able to understand the complexity of God without scripture using the term “us”? It’s a very hard concept to grasp but as Christians we are expected to take some things on faith. God reveals himself to those who accept him and seek him earnestly. Only God can reveal himself to us not someone or some group. Seek him and as you do more understanding will be given unto you.



    Thank you for your responses – but as with much of the Bible – no real explanation. I am not a Christian, probably not anyway, so I do not take the some things in the Bible on faith. To me it seemed like saying "one of us knowing good and evil" is so different in meaning to the use of Elohim as a "majestic plural". 



    I'm going to post this link again.  It's a linguistic look at the word "elohim" and addresses this very subject quite well.  I know at first glance, there are a lot of words and that might scare you off, but please give it a chance.

    Part 1 http://www.israelofgod.org/elohim1.htm

    Part 2 http://www.israelofgod.org/elohim2.htm

    Part 3 http://www.israelofgod.org/elohim3.htm

    I think part 2 is the most relevant here.

    I believe in the Trinity, and I have no problem thinking of the 'us' as the Trinity, 3 yet still only 1.  But if that doesn't make sense to you, it is explained in the above article, written by a Jew (does not believe in the Trinity) who can tell you how the Hebrew language works.



    interesting, I think he was talking to Jesus who has been around since the creation, but if Jesus is God himself , how can he be speaking to himself, but like you said Genny 3 yet still 1(and with GOD all things are possiable)  Which brings me to ask Is the word trinity in the bible, because i have not seen it.  and why does GOD tell Jesus you are my son, & you will sit at my right hand, this can get confusing.  This is why Jehovah witness do not believe Jesus is God, but Jehovah.  Where in the bible does it speak of trinity is this man made. I know Jesus says I and the father are one, but could he mean one spirit. lol, Genny do you understand what I'm trying to say, because everything i try to say comes out wrong.

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