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    Hi everyone. I’m a new member and recently studied with this group (which lasted six hours) after my friend invited me. He also invited me to partake in Passover later this month on April 18th and he mentioned that I’d need to prepare for it but wouldn’t explain how I could prepare. I think he hinted at going to more studies but I’m not quite sure. Is there a specific procedure or protocol that members (esp. new members) have to go through/do in order to receive the passover or participate in any of the feasts?

    Also can someone tell me what explicitly goes on during the feasts? I asked and they wouldn’t tell me. If this has been posted before in the forum, please link me.



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    They want you to study various studies before keeping the Passover. About 5 to 7 studies they want to show you before getting baptized. That procedure has been modified many times over the years though.



    Before, I noticed that when they use “prepare”, most of the time it is related with money (offerings).



    Jews For Jesus is online and it’s a site where Jewish people who believe in Jesus being the Messiah. A person can go to a Jewish Messianic with both Jews & Gentiles following a Hebrew calendar to celebrate the Passover & Feasts in these Messianic.

    If you really care about your friend, you would talk some sense to him/her about this place. This cult are leaving people broke, breaking up families, controlling members, brainwashing it’s members, members are still selling their jobs or homes, quieting their jobs for this cult, etc…

    When past members speak out about this place it’s because they want to warn others to stay away from here.

    2nd Timothy 2:14-16

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