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    I wanted to reboot this message for those of you that haven't gotten a chance to read this before.

    While the WMSCOG has their own spin on what the Passover means and how it should be celebrated here's an interesting and possibly a more realistic way of viewing the passover. After the Passover meal Jesus did something that was really out of the normal way of doing things. He took the bread and used it to symbolize his body which would be broken for us. Then he took the cup of redemption and used it to symbolize his blood that would be shed for us. What we have lost over the years is something that the Jews of that time would have understood very well. Jesus actually proposed to his followers (the Church) with this act. When the followers drank from the cup they sealed a blood covenant with their future spouse. Let me explain. In Jesus time when a young man wished to marry there was certain things that he had to do. The young man prepared a Ketubah, or marriage contract (or covenant) which he presented to the intended bride and her father.   Included in this was the " Bride Price ", which was appropriate in that society to compensate the young woman's parents for the cost of raising her, as well as being an expression of his love for her. If this contract was accepted by the future brides father then the young man proceeded to the next step. To see if the proposal was accepted, the young man would pour a cup of wine for his beloved and wait to see if she drank it.   This cup represents a blood covenant. If she drank the cup she would have accepted the proposal and they would be betrothed. The young man would then give gifts to his beloved, and then take his leave.   The young woman would have to wait for him to return and collect her. Do you not see the truth or the correlation yet? I'll go on.  Before leaving the young man would announce, " I am going to prepare a place for you ", and  "I will return for you when it is ready".   The usual practice was for the young man to return to his father's house and build a honeymoon room there.  He was not allowed to skimp on the work and had to get  his father's approval before he could consider it ready for his bride.   If asked the date of his wedding he would have to reply, "Only my father knows." 

    Jesus offered the "Bride Price" for us. We, the Church, accepted his offer and accept his offer everytime we drink from the cup representing his blood. He paid the price and gave us the gift of eternal life amoung others. After his resurrection he stated,  " I am going to prepare a place for you ", and "I will return for you when it is ready".   He then went to his fathers house and began preparing a place for his bride. The place is New Jerusalem where the saints will reside as the Bible says it. By the way, Ahnsahnghong said it as well. And who knows when Jesus is going to come back for us? Jesus told us, "Only my father knows."   Jesus proposed to his bride in the evening after the Passover feast. We are his bride and it is proven by Jesus own actions and words. Anyone who comes preaching another doctrine other than the one taught to you by Jesus and the Apostles is a false prophet and a liar. Jesus paid the price for us and even Ahnsahnghong believed that and preached it till his death. This god the mother who's living in South Korea is a living, breathing, false prophet and liar as is anyone who is spreading these lies and deceiving Gods children. Accept Jesus the Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and he will reside in you and you in him. This is what the Bible teaches us. He's already paid the "Bride Price" for us, all we have to do is accept him.  


    Joshua: thanks for sharing this again, this is the first time i read it. It is a really interesting analogy and it makes perfect sense, I don't know why it's so hard for people to understand that Jesus already paid the price of our salvation, WMSCOG, it's just another religion that tries to get to God by their own means or at least that's what their false teachers tell them to achieve their goals, they say that the reason Jesus came was to show us the way of salvation, which is the passover, so his death and all his suffering was in vain, I don't know how God could see me any different if i eat a piece of bread or not.


    Kai TIng

    Hey thanks for typing all this up, just curious is there any source where I can confirm what you presented?



    Just bumping this for some folks that haven't read it yet.


    I’ve heard the teaching about Jesus being the bridegroom and the church being his bride. Also the people in the city of New Jerusalem are the bride. The aspect of the passover wine relating to a spiritual marriage is interesting. Thanks for sharing. In the old testament the blood of the passover lamb was not consumed, even though Jesus’ passover is related to the OT passover.


    Joshua, do you believe the new testament passover is related to John 6:53-55?



    The quick answer to your question is yes however, there is much more is this area of scripture that also needs to be taken into account. If you only look at John it’s kinda hard to understand what Jesus is telling his followers. Later in John 6 it even states that many people didn’t understand and fell away. For the long answer you will need to use the Bible to understand the Bible. If you can find several references about the same topic in different areas of the Bible then you’re probably on the right track. Don’t read only a few verses because it’s easy to lose the context of the message that way. This is where the WMS repeatedly fails their members.


    True, you can discuss the bible all night until the sun comes up like apostle Paul.

    By nature some South Korean members seem to me as having a narrow point of view. Their doctrine seems to reflect it as well. But the WMS is bound for failure because they’ve claimed that their leader is God.



    I wanted to bump this up as Passover is soon to be upon us. The WMS has this so screwed up that if even one of the people they are trying to influence reads this it might just keep them from falling for the tricks of the WMS. It also gives the current members something to think about which might help them become free of the entrapments of the WMS.


    Does anyone know when the wmscog will be celebrating their Passover this month? It should be occurring very soon.



    I would like to know when Passover is also. My husband will not talk to me about it. Usually just calls when he is already on his way there. Not to mention its always at a diff place bc we do not have a church close by….could be far away but he doesnt care. I hate this time of year!



    April 10 is Passover this year.  



    Today! My loved one will be driving 2 hours to go..

    and then again tomorrow.. as he did Saturday..

    where do they get these random dates!?!



    Ha! They actually got the date right this year unlike last year.


    They have service today? I see. Thanks for the info. Some religious groups will be celebrating Passover tomorrow night. According to my calculation, Passover is tomorrow. Therefore Im just going to go ahead and say they are in the wrong, (yet again).  

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