What People Think About My Faith

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    Renita says:

    I know people lie to hide things that they are afraid will hurt their relationships such as family, friends, or work. People lie about why they are late to work so they won’t get fired. People lie about who they went to a party with because they don’t want to raise arguements with other friends or family. But sometimes in protecting one’s relationships, people go to the extreme. When it comes to something as important as God, people will lie because one’s beliefs in God can ruin or restore any relationship. This is why when we apply for jobs, there can’t be any religious discrimination. There are people who will fire you because you are a certain religion. Before the laws came out, people would hide there beliefs that they may keep their job. I know of people who lie to their parents saying they go to church often but truly don’t believe in God. Why? Because they are afraid that once their parents know what they believe, whether it to be true or not, it will raise dispute. People should not feel the need to hide their religion. If someone is hiding any information from you, it is because you have given them a reason to do so. I know of many different kinds of people who openly tell me things, often things I wish they would keep to themselves…. No one should ever hear that….. Anywho, people speak to me openly because, for some reason, I make them feel they can tell me anything without feeling judged. I kept my faith secret because I feared being judged harshly by my family. But now, I don’t care what they think about my faith or what anyone thinks because we all know who the Judge is. God is the only opinion we should take into account. It’s sad that people feel the need to hide their belief or disbelief in God.

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    if faith is towards a REAL TRUE GOD or say a disbelef in GOD, i think it is wrong to hide such, yet if a faith points to worship of idols or any living or the dead, this comes the reality that it should be hidden because such faith already besides most popular religions become unacceptable.  the duty of each human being believing in the TRUE GOD is to preach the same to others so they may know and embrace it for their ticket to a TRUE SALVATION.  the inconsistency is when it comes to cults like WMSCOG, any human being with WISDOM, keen logic understanding standing to REASON will not agree at all to preach such a wrong faith knowing that there is no salvation in it.  the basis should be is to have faith, faith in what, and faith in whom. well, books of guidance were handed down to mankind,   we have the TORAH, we have the PSALMS, we have the GOSPEL, (compiled as the BIBLE) and we have the QURAN.  From these books, we can know the true CONCEPT of GOD, so through them we can determine to which our FAITH should rest.  In my opinion,  the 3 ABRAHAMIC religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Jews, Christians and Muslims)  have better chances for true salvation.  Any of the ARYAN religions, NO HOPE, and WMSCOG and the many cults similar to it belongs to this group.  Atheists belong to this group too..



    wtf did I just read wow

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