What are the required commandments?

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    I hear the wmscog and its members claim that it is the only church which follows ALL the commands and instructions of God, not the Mosaic Law, mind you, but the "Law of Christ".  I have some questions concerning this that have not been answered yet…

    According to the WMSCOG,

    1.  Did the Law given to Moses get thrown out and replaced with the commands of Jesus?  or  Do all the former laws given in the Old Testament still stand except for the changes made by Jesus?

    In other words, to use a computer analogy, did Jesus delete the file of "Law of Moses" and write a new file "Law of Christ"?

    Or did He keep the same file "Law of Moses," make some edits, and rename it "Law of Christ"?

    2.  In order to obey ALL the commands of God, which the wmscog also claims is absolutely necessary for salvation, you MUST know what they all are.  Otherwise, how can you know you are obeying ALL of them without missing any?  Please give a list of ALL God's commands that must be obeyed for salvation.

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