"wake up because the end is near"

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    This comment was left on 10/09/12 on Ahnsahnghong's Tombstone Says 'The Prophet Elijah', Not Jesus:

    Daniela Araujo de Oliveira says:

    He is God wants you like it or not … and you studied, the right saw Saturday, pascou, feasts … parable of the fig tree …. how can blind now? / But not studied enough to know on dates … and Elijah, Jesus … knows no parables?

    as well as the lamb is in the Bible, too, is jesus …. wake up because the end is near ….

    thanks Daniela for your comment.  unfortunately for the stories you've been told, the end is not near and when it doesn't come, I pray that you turn away from the false messiah Ahn Sahng-Hong, and find the real Jesus Christ.

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