"They are truly jealous of the World Mission Society Church of God"

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    LOL, you have to be kidding me. Yes, Christ Ahnsahnghong did write that book however if you look in the preface, it clearly states why that book was published, To stop the false bride, Eom**. Thats why 6 months after that book was published, on the Passover of 1984, he revealed Heavenly Mother to the entire church. Why do you think the NCPCog exist? It's because they couldn't accept the fact that Christ Ahnsahnghong revealed that there is indeed a heavenly Mother and they left the True Church of God. But I guess you didn't know that because the ncpcog wont reveal that; as a matter of fact, it was Heavenly Mother who came up with the name New Covenant Passover Church of God. But you didn't know that because the ncpcog hasn't revealed that either. They denied Heavenly Mother and stole the name she came up with. None of those NCPCOG members were at the last General Assembly in 1985. They have no pastors or senior pastors who followed Christ Ahnsahnghong in their church. They state that Christ Ahnsahnghong was only the Prophet Elijah, because HE said that He was only the prophet Elijah. However they failed to read a little bit further where Christ Ahnsahnghong wrote and explained what the prophet Elijah means. But you wouldn't know that either. They are truly jealous of the World Mission Society Church of God. I truly understand why God hid the truth in parables (Matt 13:10-11 Matt 13:34-35) So that the false prophets will not be able to take what is Sacred to the True Children of God. Thats why it is written "do not give your pearls to pigs. (Matt 7:6) In Christ Ahnsahnghong's first book published in 1955, Unsealing the Secret of the 7 Thunders, he clearly testified that there is a heavenly Mother. Also in his bible Sermon book published in 1979 he testified about heavenly Mother in his sermon titled "Honor your Father and Mother" But you wouldn't know because you haven't read those.  I'd show them to you on this site right now however, you're a false prophet and you will find a way to falsify it, just like the NPCCog falsifies the pictures they have and the books they have. A picture is a picture. You can't know what was really going on in the scene of the picture unless you were really there. You weren't there in Korea when those pictures were taken so you cant know for sure what the event was. However you accept the testimony of the ncpcog. LOL that makes no sense. And another thing Haven't you ever thought "the fact that Eom ** stated that she is the Mother, that Christ Ahnsahnghong testified about, shows that he did indeed testify about Mother? Even she testified that Christ Ahnsahnghong testified that their is a Heavenly Mother. You should check your sources before you post nonsense which is false. The bible clearly states what will happen to people who do such things in 2Peter 2:1-3

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