The Leaders Control The Followers

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    Love'n Honey

    I've bolded the important stuff for all you TLDRers.

    Y'all know I'm a bold person. I obtained the number of a male member and called him today. To conceal and protect his identity, we shall call him Billy. This morning I called Billy and introduced myself as Renita, a former member of the WMSCOG. He asked why I was calling him. I said I wanted to tell him what the WMSCOG members don't want you to know. I was a member for a couple years. I was baptized on PO in 2010 and left at the end of June 2012. I left because Ash wrote a book explaining how the Scripture doesn't testify of God the Mother. He said he never heard of this book. I was very shocked! I thought everyone knew. Anyway, I told him that Ash said explicitly that Gal 4:26 is talking about the place the 144,000 will go, not God the Mother. He said he had an incoming call and just hung up.

    A few minutes after that conversation I received a call from a blocked number. I knew it was a member, a scared one at that. Why else block your number. You have mine, why can't I have yours? Moving along.. He refused to tell me who he was. So, we'll just call him Minion. Minion asked me why I was calling his members and bothering them. I explained that I was informing Billy of the secrets your church keeps from him for obvious reasons. We both know why you're calling me and who you're referring to. Minion says he knows all about the book and blah, blah, blah. He demanded that I stop calling and texting Billy. I told him if Billy doesn't want me to call or text he can tell me himself. You don't control him. He doesn't answer to you. Minion said, Yes I do. I do control him so stop calling and texting him. He kept talking but I wasn't registering what he said. I heard Judas Iscariot and left the truth but my brain was stuck on "I do control him..".

    This is the mindset of the group leaders. They control you and he's absolutely correct. He tells Billy who he can and can't talk to. They tell the members what websites they can visit, what to wear, how to speak, etc. He's absolutely right. He controls Billy. But to hear him say it so boastfully, to hear that evil chuckle after he said it just broke my heart. It's no longer an assumption or a result of examination. He openly admitted it. The balls on this guy!

    I cried.. I was upset.. but after the few minutes of crying my anger turned into my motivation. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It's not.

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