Storm Damage?

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    I wouldn't believe that New York didn't have multiple "Zions" affected considering how many they have in NYC and all of the flooding.


    That's just my thought of course



    Did you guys saw Queens' pictures in The Weather Channel website? There is a Church in Queens too and one in the 42st Area I believe



    NEPAL EARTHQUAKE: WMSCOG churches in Chitwan-Banepa-Dhangadhi-Gaigat- Kathmandu-Pipara Simara-Itahari- Pokhara

    Scientists now surprised by Nepal earthquake. 

    "If "  the last disaster will happen without fail, we should listen to the voice of God in the Bible. 

    God really wants us to escape the last disaster and live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    God said that everyone come to repentance. 

    If we do not repent and obey the words of God, we can never get the chance of salvation even we raise from the dead in such a earthquake.

    It’s the greatest tragedy.

    Then, how can we be protected from disasters? 

    Christ Ahnsahnghongrevealed the Passover hidden for 1,600 years. And he allows us to realize the existence of God the Mother(Mother God), the source of life. Only those who realize that Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother(Mother God) can keepthe Passoveraccording to the Bible and escape the last disaster and live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven

    Disasters Abroad. Help Church In Nepal 

    We have all seen the Media coverage of the terrible disaster that has taken place in Nepal. In the Church if God, We have been following this event closely. We have so many members and their families that live in the areas that were affected. Since the earthquake, we have not been able to reach anyone there, until today.

    Today we were having a Bible Study and our brother, who moved to the States from Nepal, received a phone call from the Deacon in Nepal. We video chatted and were able to see the images that surrounded him. The images were familiar from the news.

    He informed us that many of the members of the church have gathered to the property. In their location, many of the members either have no home left after the destruction, or they are too scared to return home because of the tremors. He said that there are still tremors several times everyday. Some people have tents, but many have nothing. They sleep on makeshift bedding in the grass at the church building. The situation is dire. The smell of decomposing flesh can not be escaped. There is so much dust and stench in the area that the deacons face was covered with a mask. The deacon reported that non of the members have been killed, God surely protects.

    NOW, we are collecting resources. Deacon said that there are so many needs to be met. The church is doing all that they can of course, but since we have members that are from there, Our brother from Nepal has organized a way for us to dedicate and send help.

    If you can help, please do. If you wish to contact us directly to see exactly how your donation will help, please contact us. If you would like to contribute items to include in the care package that will send, please contact us. Let's help the members of our global community in their time of need. God bless you! 

    It now appears that Keeping the " PASSOVER" can only be effective in escaping the "LAST" disaster. Again they are doubtful "IF" the last disaster will happen.

     Did not the members in Nepal just keep the passover in April 2015 and believed in the existence of these two Gods????? They spend all their time with the church donating blood , clean cities, preaching and yet considered sinners and blame them because they either did not keep passover as per the Bible or they did not repent. It just goes on and on…….a false hope and promise from false Gods of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Their money donated is transferred in dollars to Korea and now they ask them to donate funds to help these members.

    Truly feel terrible for all including the WMSCOG members affected in this earthquake there and pray Jesus will give them all the strength and comfort in their sufferings and that they will turn to our Lord Jesus for salvation.

    As Jesus said, I am the way the truth and ther Life no one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6


    Neither "Jesus" nor the Ahn Sangy Hong man had anything to do with this earthquake.  Tremors and quakes happen all the time.  People living in mountainous regions like Nepal better be prepared all the time for quakes. As far as all that other nonsense you spouted, I cannot even begin to comment.  Nothing you said makes any sense, whatsoever.  Reading your post is kinda like reading a "stream of consciousness" writing by someone on LSD ….


    Abhigail Delema

    It just reminds me when the tsunami took place in Thailand it was because the people in Thailand were celebrating christmas in 2004 Dec 26 they said that it was because the people all over the world went to thailand to celebrate christmas and there was lots of wickedness happening on the christmas eve,people did not go to church or think of god just in the days of Lot so god punished them.They also cleverly connected the end tine that the time was near by quoteing Matt 24;7 which stress on earthquakes in various places so it happened in Thailand Chennai sri lanka etc.But now i think strange, 10 years have passed but the end has not come .When questioned the pastor he said it could be 2008 but he left for different place ,but when 2008 passed away a decon and deconness from korea said it had some thing to do with Jonnas prophcys the bride groom was delayed in comming but she did not explain to us .But stressed that 2012  to frighten us was sure and we all seen the disaster in the movie 2012 to frighten us.So i think now they will say there is a lot of wickedness in Nepal so god has punished them.So Heinrich you are right it has got nothing to do with Jesus nor Ahn sang tremors and quakes happen all the time.


    Fear is the great weapon WMSCOG uses to keep the thought control "box" tight around their victims.

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