Question on how to handle warning others about WMSCOG

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    So my college campus and the area around it is frequented by WMSCOG members, and I was wondering how is the best way to warn people about the group and their methods of indoctrinating people without my $13.50-an-hour self being sued to the ground. I was planning on getting approval from a couple Facebook group admins and posting something in the Facebook groups about WMSCOG, but I’m worried about being falsely flagged for scamming/spam if I’m too vague, but if I add too much detail, I could risk WMSCOG suing me. Part of the reason I’m remotely worried about a potential lawsuit is because I’m a primary target of the local WMSCOG members (despite having autism and rudely denying their requests several times) and they know I’m not a fan of their practices. Any advice on what to do?

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    Just post on Facebook links to this site telling everyone to examine the group before joining.



    I agree that telling people to visit this site, along with encountering the wmscog and answering the wmscog on youtube. These are all very informative. God bless you

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