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    New Jersey just passed a law called the Predatory Alienation Law.  It is, I believe, the first of it's kind to protect people and families against the type of abuse and undue influence that groups such as the World Mission Society Church of God exert.  It gives some type of recourse for the type of damage a group like this causes to relationships and finances, and it also raises awareness.  I believe this forum and others like it have caused this awareness, and the New Jersey Safe and Sound group has also worked very hard to get this thing passed.  New Jersey Safe and Sound also has  a brochure out called "Mind Hacking" which is for young people leaving home for the first time, since they are often the victims of this kind of attack.  These young people are usually completely unaware that they are being approached by a destructive mind control group, and these groups are on virtually every campus in the U.S.  I have been talking to people for years about trying to get this kind of education into our schools to inoculate them from an attack by manipulative groups.  I am encouraged to see that people are starting to become more aware and are taking this issue seriously.


    Great news.  We need to study this development carefully and try to reproduce it in our state.  Thanks MM.



    You are welcome.  I think the more populated states, like California and Illinois, should join in with something similar to this law right away. They are the ones who have a real problem with cults, and have multiple complaints about groups like the WMS.  But as far as information being in the schools about how to identify cults, I think the sooner this is a nationwide endeavor, the better.



    I posted this on another thread however, did you guys see the percent that this law passed with? Not one of the people voting for this was against it! It passed with 100% approval!



    I believe that it would pass pretty much anywhere with surety.  Any person who still has their reasoning power and is not under undue influence, which is most of us, would see that there is a need for this type of law.  


    See my post on the other thread.  The legislation passed is authorization to study and report on findings.  Great first step …

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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