"People are so quick to claim that this is a cult…"

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    This comment was originally submitted in response to "Missionary Ron Ramos Explains Why He Left the WMSCOG After 12 Years — A Former Member's Story" on 5/7/13.

    AbojiOmonilover wrote:

    People are so quick to claim this is a cult, when the Catholic Church priests are Raping and molesting young children, no one says a thing. The Church of God seems perfect because it has the love of Mother. I’m a mother of two children and wife and I got married after being in the TRUTH for three years. I was never told not to have children and I was always encouraged to still be a gospel worker. My mother in law is a false prophet and even she admits that the sabbath is Saturday and Sunday is only kept because of tradition. Everything the church of God follows and teaches is biblically prove. Please tell me where Sunday worship is written or communion, or Christmas? Read a history book and you will see that all of these are pagan traditions. “Your teachings are traditions taught by men.” Sounds familiar. None of these “holidays” have a biblical origin. You might want to do a little research on who is giving you all of this information. And as for Hassan you will see in his videos how he pitches his lectures and books. His goal is to make MONEY! Want to know why the Church of God grows so rapidly, because it is from God. Just as in the days after Jesus’ ascension the number of the members grew rapidly it is like this in the last days. I will never leave the Church of God! That’s where God and the truth dwells. They slandered Christ and called him the leader of a nasarean sect!

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    Nice diverting, even IF the Roman Catholic Church is somehow pure unadulterated evil that doesn't make WMSCOG any more valid



    It's funny how WMSCOG members always bring up the Sabbath and Passover like if they were the only church that keeps it, if Sabbath and Passover is what makes them so special , then they are just part of a big group of churches that do the same thing. 

    About "none of these 'holidays' have biblical origin", then how about "Heavenly Parents day", or "Father's coming day", "Father's Ascension day", "Mother's coming day" and the soon to come "Mother's ascension day"? Those don't have biblical origin's either.

    Ok, Hassan makes money, but here in the forum none of us make money from this, and I think about 98% of us agree with the fact that the Church of God is a cult.

    Another thing "church of god is growing so rapidly", I remember when I was part of the church they made it seem as if the WMSCOG was a huge organization, but in reality they are a very small cult, the little cult in the praire, they have maybe 6 thousand members in the United States, and most of the people that get baptized never come back.

    PS: They called Paul the leader of the Nazarene sect. And 'slander' all of the sudden has become one of the most annoying words for me, right next to "aigo" and "omoni"



    Just a set of hoops to weed out the competition:

    Hoop #1–All churches that worship on Sunday are wrong.  That pretty much just leaves the SDAs and the Jews.

    Hoop #2–You need to observe the Passover our way or you go don't go to heaven.  The SDAs don't really observe it, the Jews don't do it right and they don't believe in Jesus so they are out.

    What's left?

    The WMSCOG…well in this country at least.  The NCPCOG would be next but then the WMS would say that they "don't realize mother".  

    All a plot to enslave people into believing that they are the only ones that have it right.  The irony is that they couldn't be more wrong about so many things.  Their behavior and total disregard for the people outside of their group is proof of that.



    lol high 5 jack on those made up days from the cog



    The Catholic church learned the hard way Luke 12:3.  I find the behavior of some WMSCOG members amusing – in light of the first-hand personal accounts of parents either being outright deceived or lied to via ommission, as well as similar heresay accounts of deception on these forums.

    It begs the question(s): 

    what did Jesus mean in Luke 12:3?

    why do I think differently about "those people who love me", those…"outsiders", and why is it Biblical to deceive them?

    how is it then, in light of Luke 12:3, that Jesus would authorize deception vis a vis "soft-food, hard-food"?



    I remember as a member on numerous occasions I laughed with other members about the fact that the churched was called a cult. I have since learned and appreciate the saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s a fire”. If we had taken more time to investigate why it was said instead of “letting” the church explain why.

    Looking forward to the next mass exodus of members leaving 🙂



    by amusing I meant the obvious contradiction in attacking Catholics while still violating Luke 12:3 themselves.



    its not like they make up the solid food for the mature argument they just abuse it


    and any method of deception is a sin and I don't think think its their biggest method



    I’m so sick and tired of Wmscog bringing up the Catholic Church in defense. There are so many other churches out there, and Sabbath, passover, feasts,and Christmas are not strong enough to use as reasons for which they claim to be the true church. Since when do all that grant salvation? Salvation is granted under no other name but Jesus the Christ. Jesus never once mentioned a mother as a mediator, neither did he say to look forward to one. A mother-board(brain of a CPU) is not a human mother of any sort to any human being and neither should Gal. 4:26 mean a literal mother also. Wmscog’s leaders are fully aware that there is no other name given but Jesus; in due time God will expose all truth.



    It doesn’t surprise me since many will be mislead and follow the beast.

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