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    A recent article about korean cults and their countless front groups:


    It seems koreans are all about deception, and as we see, a single cult can have many fronts. Can anyone spot the similarites between this and the WMSCOG?

    As long as they can get you hooked, everything's permitted, I guess.

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    fascinating south korean deceptions.  what about north korea, maybe these cults and cults fronts are banned which in such a case north korea maybe a better friend to the world in such respect. unlike these south koreans spreading their cults entire the world and destroying even the spiritual welfare of people.


    Ms Freedom

    Sorry remco9519. North Korea is a million times worse than this cult! N Koreans are a cult unto themselves as they are all brainwashed into believing that their leader is the best in the world. When you disobey or question the WMSCOG doctrine, they shun you. North Korea KILLS you!



    I was approached recently by Mannam and even attended an event/study to see if they in fact are a front group.

    They use very similiar techniques, love bombing, food, everyone's happy and smiling at first.  They don't even mention religion at first and all they talk about is the restoring light and peace on Earth.  Only when I kept pushing did they finally start up about Jesus and how their leader met him.  I asked the Korean and American missionary/volunteer if they ever heard of Wmscog.  They seemed very offended and asked if I was a part of them.  When I told them and convinced them I was not, they explained in Korea that they have many more members and that they try to convert WMS members because they believe they are a heretical group.

    They seemed very annoyed by WMS and pointed out the mistakes WMS makes according to the bible.  I can say almost 100 percent by the reaction I got is that they are not affiliated and it was almost funny about how competitive they are against them.

    WMS better watch out these Mannam cult people have even bigger churches/events going on lately in the USA, and want to convert your members.





    Also here's one of the studies I watched , alot of the same stuff, down to the music, but they twist it the scriptures as well into their doctrine.  I wonder who copied who.

    I wish current WMSCOG would learn about Shinchonji so they can realize that this Jesus hysteria in Korea, and all these churches are copying each other and misusing the bible to create a business, not for salvation.

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