No possible way there is a god the mother

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    The WMSCOG has ripped God into two pieces. Father and Mother. This group still believes in the Holy Trinity. (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)That is one God and mother is the other god. Let’s look at this. God the Father in the form of the Holy Spirit goes to another woman and makes her with child. This means he cheated on god the mother. Sin is the one thing that God will never be so this would never happen. Next problem is that Jesus would be the illegitimate son of God. No longer perfect and thus no longer a perfect sacrifice for our sins. This belief of a mother completely destroys Christianity. This is where the WMSCOG backpedals and says no, New Jerusalem is the bride of Jesus. This doesn’t work either. Now you have god the mother marrying god the son. There’s a word from that, incest. God would never do that either. Sorry folks but a god the mother is not a concept that works in Christianity. Another WMSCOG member lead me to Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. They said Abraham was a prophetical god the father and Sarah was prophetical god the mother and their child was prophetical Jesus. Lets see how this works. God the mother says to her husband sleep with my servant. What? God would never do that! Lets go on. God the father does it. No possible way! Later god the father gets god the mother pregnant. She has god the fathers son. Wait, god the mother is the bride of the son of god. We’re right back to that incest thing. Sorry folks, it still doesn’t work.

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