Mind Control or the Truth? Pls advise.

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    Hi people,

    yes I m a member in WMSCOG. But i'm kinda new and had only been in for almost a year for now. However please do not slam me as I'm trying to get things right and possibly make an exit outta this church.

    OK my points are that I've seen many weird and inconsistent things in WMSCOG that makes me wanna quit. I missed a couple of saturday sabbaths and the Overseer seems to be annoyed and distance himself from me. I am from Singapore and you know we asians are mostly buddhist and my parents are staunch buddhist. My family persecuted me due to my faith and instead of encouraging me, he might think that I've weak faith. 

    I've seen many people who tried to opposed WMSCOG  being branded as slanderers. I had this brother who gave up his job and preached full time and goes home latenight every day. Therefore his parents were very jealous and wanted him to spend more time with them. However the deacon branded his parents as Church slanderes as they tried to reason with my friend.

    I've also noticed that there are quite alot of parents here who had their child in WMSCOG being branded as slanderers! How can wmscog brand these parents as slanderers where they love their child and were jealous for them?  To me all this makes no sense.

    I find myself very hard to accept ASH and Mother J. I once asked the deacon for any proof of identity or birthcert of Ahn but was rejected. I've also come to known that Ahn's son testified that stating ASH as god is delusional. All the deacon said to me is to avoid the internet as it is likened the tree of good and evil.  

    This seemed to me like brainwashing and information control.

    Take for example, If i want to buy a toyota sedan would I just believe everything what the car saleman told me and buy blindly? Of course not! I would be sane and wise to check forums and reviews before making a purchase! Its only logical and fair.

    Toyota = church

    Carsalesman = wmscog preacher.


    Why am i even denied of basic will of thinking and logical reasoning? 

    I am proficient in Conspiracy theories and have been studying conspiracies for more than 10 yrs of my life in the topics of illuminati, freemasonry, cabalism, North korea, rothchilds, green dragons, CIA secret experiments and many more. When I discuss to them regarding these topics the deacon and brothers will just tell me to read only what the bible says. Non of them had any clue about these secret societies. Deep down in me these societies are real and were behind the scenes of world domination and manupilation. What if the WMSCOG is a product of Zionist for mind control?



    The contradiction is that EASTER, holy communion and christmas are really not of the bible. Although christians can use them as tools to open save unbelievers; deep down in my heart even if  God keeps SILENT on these issues, does he really approve of us to keep all these pagan feast? Is it even right biblically?

    1.RCC had really persecuted millions of christians for keeping passover. Also replacing sunday worship with sabbath.

    2. Many churches today avoid touching on book of revelations and teachings were very shallow.

    3. Its a fact that modern day protestant churches were offshoots of RCC and they carried with them practices of Easter, holy communion and christmas even halloween.

    4. Alot of christians say that salvation is attained through faith alone. If so any person of any faith can goto heaven if his heart is pure and innocent. Even buddhist can go to nirvana just by believing in buddha! I meant no offense to anyonoe of any faith but this is the impression I get.


    There are still so many theological inconsistencies that many churches practice today. So even when I'm outta WMSCOG, where should i go?

    Pls tell me that all these ain't real.

    There are too many inconsistencies here and perhaps just highlight to me one or two points would be a good enough reason for me to get outta this pseudo church. I am so confused.

    Yet another point, the other feasts are coming and If wmscog is for real, I would loose my salvation. Should exit now? Forgive me for all the typos, I've typed this in a rush. 

    Please help, is every thing that had been taught to me for real? I seek enlightenment and only the truth. Am i brainwashed? I am so utterly confused! Anyone please enlightment me 🙁

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