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    Just read this article and wanted to pass it on to everyone.  It's about Mormons, not the wmscog, but got me thinking…

    I wonder how many wmscog members out there are doubting, but keeping it to themselves, not knowing what to do or even if it's ok to doubt.  If only they knew they weren't alone, it might help them take that step.

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    shimon wrote:

    you mean will when and dies

    I wonder if the media will even care.  I hear that the wms is only one of many cults in Korea.  


    king34 wrote:

    I have those studies written down . I am going to try to find it in my closet and post it here to see what you guys think about this.

    Please post!!!  I only did the 6-day creation but I would like to review it again since they didn't allow me to take notes.  I'm really curious about the 7 churches one too!  Can't wait to see what they came up with.


    Sueno Maruyama

    This is a true story.  As I have posted before, I spent some time at the WMSCOG cult location after my child was recruited in.  I noticed a man in his late 30's or very early 40's, with his wife (a little younger than he).  He seemed really quiet but she was an enthusiastic believer in the WMSCOG cult.  They had small children, one of whom was an infant.  One day I asked the man "well how do you like this church?".  He told me his wife was in first and she kept after him to come in.  These are his exact words …. "after a bunch of study sessions I drank the Kool-Aid and got baptized".

    I knew from that statement that his wife had probably told him "either join or divorce".

    But I thought the Kool Aid analogy was SO appropriate …..



    lol..well I think we all drank the kool aide when we was recruited in. with pics and everything .


    Sueno Maruyama

    I thought the posts above about the difficulty for some in leaving were very interesting.  In speaking with intervention specialists, one thing they always say is to somehow maintain a line of communication with your family member in the cult, no matter how tenuous.  Even if there is no verbal communication, a letter once in awhile or a card mailed or whatever.  That way it may make it a little easier for the the cult member to see a pathway out when the time comes.


    loocpoc wrote:

    They attempted to baptize me at the church in Philadelphia and the church up in Ridgewood. I offered to Mikvah them and set them on the true ways to G-d. They failed to see my humor..

    Loocpoc somehow I think you Mikvah'd me through this forum ….. LOL



    I wonder if we were to organize some events like this in different locations how many members would come out of this group? Might be something to consider. I think Denver, Seattle, San Diego, and Ridgewood might be good places to organize these events. We should really push this for New Years Day! What do you all think?






    I’m going to start a new post so we can discuss ideas for this.

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