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    This site, along with are doing such a fantastic job of exposing all the lies etc of the wmscog and for that, I can only thank you. But please, remember to show love towards those who are caught up in this group. Don't attack the individuals involved. They have what they consider to be valid reasons for believing what they do. Attack only brings about defence. Do not try and expose this group for what it is by insults. Please argue from logic and reason, not from your already existing religious or otherwise beliefs. The members of wmscog are so clearly misled and mis-guided and all have their reasons for wanting this to be so. Who can possibly work out the motives for this group to perpetuate what are so obviously untruths? I certainly can't, but I am sure that many have their own views – but they are only opinions and not facts. I do know that many are being led away from what is true.

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    Thank you, justasitis.  And yes, I too am very grateful for my friends who have put together this site.

    I also agree that we need to make our points without attacks or insults.  Respect is important from all sides, even though I know it can be awfully frustrating.  I'm glad you've reminded us about it.



    I am guilty of this and I will try harder to reach out in love. Thank you for the needed correction.

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