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    Come on folks! I have been posting on this forum for five years now. This has been one of the slowest times for responses I've ever seen. I'll admit that I've only posted every few weeks but folks come on. This doesn't ride on people like me keeping the conversation going. I want to encourage EVERYONE to view their thoughts. It doesn't matter if you are an active member of the WMSCOG or an effected family member that is being attacked by the WMSCOG through a loved one. EVERYBODY gets a voice here. This is what makes us very different from any/all of the WMS forums. They choose to edit facts / oppinions that don't support their way of thinking. I would love to see 50+ responses to different topics in our forum daily. EVERYBODY needs to participate and as you all know, lots of great discussions have come out of this place. Lets get back to this!


    Slow, so slow.

    Slow is right…

    I'm sorry J, the weather has been so nice that that I don't even know this online world anymore. I'm sorry but I'm not sorry. I even want to sleep outside on my grass. Haha.

    50 is a big quota to fill.

    I haven't typed out my opinions about my previous overseer and Zion in like forever. I should do it more. You are right Joshua.


    My previous "zion" experience… was not so good.

    Ah, that feels better…



    One thing about this forum, even if people aren't posting daily, I have heard that people are checking in by the thousands each month.  I asked the admin about this a year or two ago because I was concerned.  It's still being looked at very actively, as far as I know.  

    I see postings under the "home" section as well, and many times those people posting there don't carry the discussion over to the forum.  It may be because members are told they can't post on the forum, but they feel bypassing that rule by posting under the home part is ok.  Just a guess, but maybe that's it.  

    One thing I know, families, relationships, finances, and mental and emotional health are still  under great assault by this group.  I did see that a law concerning predatory alienation has been passed in New Jersey recently.  It give recourse where none was available before.  It specifically names cults as a part of what it covers.  I see that as progress.  It wouldn't have come to be without discussions on forums like this and coordination between people on these forums and the New Jersey Safe and Sound group.  Keep posting, people.  Keep checking in.  Some day, some day.  

    Thanks to all on here who have saved me from complete and total despair in the almost eight year ongoing ordeal of having a loved one involved in this so called, "church."  



    Does the New Jersey safe and sound group name the cults by name?



    I don't know.  I would bet it has a litst of groups with "cult-like characteristics" on its website.  Just google New Jersey Safe and Sound.  If they have such a list, the WMS would most definitely be on it.  They are keenly aware of them, you can count on it.



    Did you guys see the margin of how much the NJ law passed by? There was not one single vote against passing it! 100% Approval!



    Pretty great isn't it!  I think this is just the start.


    So what happened is that the State Legislature in New Jersey has authorized a study and findings/recommendations to be issued to lawmakers (Governor/Legislators) as to the next step.  Yes it is encouraging to see the bipartisan support of this study, but bear in mind, if the State of NJ starts actually working on laws giving families recourse for damages you will see attorneys flying out of the woodwork to protect "freedom of religion".  Stay tuned …

    "..In a strong bipartisan show of support for this effort, in 2017 the NJ Senate and the NJ Assembly unanimously passed S2562/A4244, which requires New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families and Department of Human Services to study predatory alienation and its effects on young adults and senior citizens. The bill also calls for study findings and recommendations to be issued to the governor and legislature within six months."

    But this is a great first step and we should try to get other State Legislatures moving in the same direction … we need our courts to revisit the freedom of religion clause and find a way to identify and punish those who abuse it, like WMSCOG.  The way to do this is actually get legislation drafted giving families protection and recourse to sue these jerks.  That is going to take a lot more work and will be tested in courts, maybe all the way to the Supreme Court, since it involves constitutional issues.



    Well folks, I am really disappointed. So far the people trying to sell misc things have made more postings in our forum than we have! Is the WMSCOG dying? Are the doors closing? Are the buildings being sold off and the WMSCOG leaving out country? Are we at the point where no one needs help or a place to vent? Come on you guys!



    Well, Joshua, it may be a slow season at the forum here, but I've been getting more emails lately regarding the wmscog, which is encouraging.

    But don't lose heart from a slow season here. It's likely just a natural cycle and will pick up again in time. As long as we are posting regularly enough that readers know the forum has not been abandonded.



    I hope you're right. You are one of the few people here that have always been solid. Keep fighting girl!


    Upset Mom

    Personally, I'm done with all it.  I've pretty much disconnected.  I'm done allowing my loved one be co-dependent.  If my loved ever figures it out, I'll be here waiting to pick up the pieces and hope that the loved one won't have too many regrets.  Until then……………I've tried it all and none of it has worked.  All it's done is stress me out.  To HELL with that!  Life is too short.  Time to move on to what makes me happy!


    I totally understand how you feel, Upset Mom. I feel the same way. But, I feel like, I'm giving satan the victory when I allow fear, anger, resentment, disappointment to creep into my heart towards my loved one. I've been a silent prayer partner with ya'll for about the past 3 years. I know all the regulars names and stories. I check back at least a few times a month to see if there are any new posts, if the "heavenly mother" has died yet, etc… Don't lose heart. Prayer can change everything. God won't allow His name blasphemed forever. The evil men & women will be brought to judgement for what they have done. I've been trying to pray for the "heavenly mother" to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I pray that she does and brings the whole cult to Jesus! Because I believe many of these members are so decieved and I hate seeing how disallusioned they are when they get out. Anyhow, God bless you all



    I met my brother some months back he was a deacon and missionary in cog for quite some time but now demoted to just a member yet after such a treatment continues to stay put.

    What surprised me is to hear him talk against the past US president from whom they received an award. Did anyone here have heard this from their loved ones.

    Don’t they like to trumpet about such rewards for street clean-up and blood donation. Currently it is harping on the same string of Queen’s award. Will she also be criticized someday for being an Anglican.

    This cult sounds more like Judas. Their motive to collect awards is to create a “Wow effect” in members which keeps them trapped. Funny though that a living God in Korea needs a common man’s reward for such odd jobs. Should

    Be vice versa. Also the MJ was conferred a medal from a Korea president who later committed suicide. This God is not omniscient

    Wondering if this was my brothers act of frustration or if this is the latest gossip among them about President.Just like their 2012 failed prophecy if this is true will be denied on https://www.thetruewmscog.com

    This cult is full of lies and one cannot dwell on both the things of God and the lies of Satan

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