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    I have seen on the news the past few days that the first woman president of South Korea has been removed from office.  From what I gathered it was because she was said to be linked to and/or controlled by members of a cult there.  I hope this serves as wake up call to leaders who become involved in this type of thing.  Even in South Korea, which is a hotbed of cults, most people do not want a leader who is controlled by a group like this.  

    It is a strategy by cults to intertwine themselves with political figures so that they can use them for public relations so that they can recruit and maintain members.  The political figures never know that they are being used because they do not know how cults operate, for the most part.  The "Queen's Award" is an example of this.  Though the Wms makes it look like they are the only ones given an award and that the Queen singled them out exclusively, that is completely misleading.  But the members had it presented to them this way, and they are gushing all over themselves about it.  It's a ploy, it's a manipulation.  But most members just take it as fact and don't realize they are being manipulated.  Too bad, really too bad. 



    My brother in law told me that bc Korea was such a hotbed of cults that fulfilled prophecy. Basically something about God being in Korea. His answer didnt make sense. The thing about the award is they are boasting. That is their opening line now. Hi! Have you heard about Mother God…btw we won the Queens Award…its getting old. You can apply for this award. It doesnt make them special or unique.



    Haha. Yeah they have a whole study about how you usually find the truth among falsehood. And use the verse about vultures.



    I wonder if they boasted about her winning when she did!?! And what they are claiming now if they did say President so and so won because mother said so! What could they possibly say now!?



    Good question, W.Q.   I heard they were also predicting Hillary Clinton would win the presidency because it is the "Year of the Woman" or whatever.  That is just what I heard, I didn't hear it from a member directly.  Wonder if that is true, and if so, how are they spinning the turn of events with the S. Korean president and with our elections, too.



    Oh there's so many ways they can spin that in their favour but I don't want to give them any ideas. but they are incredible spin doctors

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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