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    Look what I found, maybe some of you already know about the book available for download . THE INTERPERTATION ON THE NEW JERUSALEM.. it’s weird because it says NPCOG, but on the left side of this article is the WMS apps. UCCSPACE under related apps….. BEWARE! 

    The New Covenant Passover Church of God was established by Jesus Himself and it proclaims the Passover of the New Covenant

    that Jesus and His Apostles proclaimed and completely holds fast to the faith of the Early Church.

    We proclaim the New Covenant Passover and the Seven Feasts and Festivals 3 times a year that Mr. Ahn Sanghong taught us of.


    "I hope that our readers who love the truth will not miss this opportunity and study diligently. I pray that you will

    receive the annointment of redemption that God sends by His mercy and join with us entering into eternal Heaven."

    "If anyone visits us, we will do our very best to proclaim our message to him or her."

    You can download txt documents at our website.><font face="Times New Roman" lang="KO">게시판</font>(Board)-><font face="Times New Roman" lang="KO">자료실</font>(Download)

    -Introduction of the Booklet

    The Booklet "Interpretation on the New Jerusalem and the Issue of the Head Covering of the Brides" is introduced.

    This booklet was published to prevent troublemakers who misinterpret and behave fanatically, explain errors and testify of the unchanging truth of the Church of our God.

    The booklet also gives detailed testimony on who the bride is mentioned in the Bible, on how proper interpretation should be and what the true nature of the Heavenly Jerusalem is.

    The contents must be known by everyone and they will be of great help to people who are attempting to learn about the Bible.

    Any questions that you have should be left by email or on our website message board.

    -Questions Answered

    email : [email protected] homepage :

    phone : +82-10-7758-2332 (kore

    The new covenant, Passover, the Church of God, ansanghong, truth book


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