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    Hi guys.

    I would like to get some information on the WMSCOG to make an informed choice.

    I am not affiliated, nor have ever been to one of their churches. However, I find myself very attracted to the idea of joining.

    Some information about me before we proceed:

    I am a Male between the ages of 20 to 40, and a “Christian” (as far as I can claim to be one while being human). I am a divorcee with more than 1 child (all from the same person and have custody of all of them). Also, I am “highly academically educated” with degrees in more than two exact sciences (including a masters in theoretical physics). Financially and career wise I believe to be very successful, with my own house and a 6-figure paying job in an executive position.
    I haven’t found much joy in many of the churches I have gone to, mostly are filled with much older folk than me, or have people around my age already in a relationship. Also, I find a huge lack of fraternity outside church/after church within the churches I have been to. And, some of the treatments I have received for being a solo parent.
    Currently, I am after more, let’s call it spiritual and relationship fulfillment than I currently have in my life, and I have a picture of what that looks like. To me, the WMSCOG has a lot to offer me in this “pursue of happiness/fulfillment”.

    To be honest, I really don’t see it being a “cult”, and I am not too worried if it turns out to be one, the closeness between the members is what I am after. Nor I am too worried about the 10-15% tithe. And, if what I have read here on other posts are correct, I am actually quite content with an arranged marriage, as from my experience love hasn’t really brought me any happiness, and I am fine with marrying the next time for convenience, here assuming convenience is longer lasting than love.

    I would like to ask some questions and I would hope to hear from non-members, ex-members and current members if possible (preferentially point that out in your comment). Some of those are based on what I read here as well as some gaps I have been unable to fill with research only. Again, I have no affiliation nor know a lot from the WMSCOG perspective of their truth, so I ask you guys for your version of the truth to the questions I have below.


    1- Can members travel and have holidays etc? If so, what happens when they are, for example, overseas and unable to attend a church on the Sabbath?

    2- On some professions, can new members be allowed to work on the Sabbath due to the nature of their work? How are those members viewed?

    3- I have read here some things about sex, children and abortion, does the WMSCOG allows sex for pleasure? Do they ok birth contraceptives (for instance the pill or implants)? What is their view of the relationship between a husband and wife?

    4- How are new members that are divorced treated? How are their children from a previous marriage treated? Is the divorced member able to marry again? Within the church? Outside of the church? If within the church, how long would that take? What would be the pre-requisites?

    5- With arranged marriages, how does the WMSCOG decide about the other person? Would there be any input into the member’s preference on age, race and looks? Would be person be also a divorcee or single? With or without kids?

    6- I have heard about staying off social media, does that apply to watching movies, tv and anime?

    7- In general, if you follow the doctrine, the teaching, and the “rules” of the church, what else could go wrong?

    I do look forward to your guys’ reply, and hope to hear from all three sides of the truth.

    I guess I would welcome some “advice” as well since you guys probably can’t help but to give it, however I was more after the answer to the questions rather than trying to get my mind changed… I can make a more informed choice based on the answers I will receive.


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    First id liked to congratgukate you your achievements seema other worldy andnim gladnyou still haave the heart and mindnto seeek GOD. But imngoing to give you the blun answer although this church has what you seek and want There is no Salvation that can be found here no eternal lufe and definetly no holynspiritnyou will be a slave to there system and they will sy i have to truth which is a big red flag GOd is not biblical and anyone who follows will burn in hell along with her inpray you find the righ church in. This deprived world but please do not endanger your aoull an your eternal life by joining this one



    I find it interesting after all the information given here about the group, you are intrigued to join and also get the impression there is brotherhood/closeness between members. I assure you, any degree of closeness and connection you are sensing so far is a facade. Members are not allowed to fraternize or meet for any personal reasons outside of the church. The time in the church is rarely for fun activities together. You can only share contact info with your immediate team leader/member and the church leaders.

    To answer your questions:

    1- you can travel with permission. You have to fill out a form , and they check for you if there is a zion (church location) close to your destination where you can attend. Members who are entrusted to keep the sabbath on their own (at their home or outside of the church) can, but it’s very rare. Otherwise they will guilt you and put fear into you for not keeping a sabbath day for any reason — travel , work or personal.

    2- in the beginning it will seem like this is acceptable. However, they don’t care how much money you make or what your profession is. They will coerce you and strongly suggest you leave whatever job that is keeping you from attending on sabbath day or other feast days. If you don’t leave, you will be seen to have weak faith and choosing money or worldly things over God.

    3- a husband and a wife can be sexually active, but they frown upon having children. If you don’t have children before joining the church, it is considered irresponsible and selfish to have any children thereafter while in the church, so they do support birth control and abortions.

    4- divorce is fine and accepted. In fact, sometimes they encourage a divorce depending on the situation. Divorce before joining or while a current member is both acceptable.

    5-someone with children is less likely to be chosen for arranged marriage. In order to be considered for arranged marriage , you have to prove yourself worthy based on their requirements. You must have good credit , financially stable, and a very active and dedicated member to the countless demands of the church. Looks/attraction is considered, but not by much. They often pair Korean members with American members, but not always. arranged marriages are viewed more as a business deal than for love. You combine resources and work together for the gospel and there is little to no romance involved. It can be difficult to prove yourself worthy for an arranged marriage.

    6- movies tv and anime is fine as long as it’s not anything inappropriate or “sinful” to be watching . However you can’t listen to any music , even Christian music , from the world. You must listen to their songs called New Songs. Watching too much tv or playing video games is wrong because it takes time out of doing the gospel work.

    7-following the doctrine, rules and teachings, joining into the culture and the ways of the church IS AN ASSURED WAY for everything to go wrong in your life ….. it is a high-demand, abusive group. This sounds like an exaggeration but it isn’t. They use mine control tactics (usually unknowingly) but the doctrine and teachings are designed that way, and the tactics and abuse is all tangled and intertwined into their principles. It will damage your spirit and bring about an emptiness in your life. You will change as a person but not for the better , like you would at a typical Christian church. I urge you not to join this group. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy here. You sound like a very intelligent bright individual. Please don’t do it.

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