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    Are you told not to question what is being taught because the leaders are honest and want the best for you so you must trust them. Has someone replaced your own choices in life.

    Are you told not to ask questions why anyone left, your to accept the answers the leaders give you such as: they fell into sin, they didn’t receive correction, they weren’t open or they had a bad heart and didn’t want to be disciples

    Are you told that you must be with their certain church or group to be saved and not by Jesus Christ.

    If you want to leave are you being told their is no other church that practices truth, you will go to hell.

    Are you made to feel your failures, that your performance is not up to par for the bibles standard

    Are you being rebuked for things such as the way you say hello or how you respond to being asked to do something for a leader or disciple. Do they tell you its a matter of the heart how one complies.

    Are they putting down other church’s and building themselves up. Do they sometimes use people as examples of what you are to be doing and others on what you are not to be doing.

    Do they bring attention to what they do, and ignoring others that may be doing the same things outside their church.

    Do they put down others to make themselves look better, calling themselves righteous and others unrighteous

    Do they call those who leave fall away’s and enemies, dogs returning to their own vomit, using the examples of Korah or Judas.

    Do they stop you from reading anything negative about themselves calling it spiritual pornography or recommend you not to read it for your own spiritual protection.

    Do they recommend for you to be around their people expecting you to be at all the group activities. If not you're spirituality and dedication are questioned.

    Do they defend all that they do even though it can be harmful or wrong.

    Do they operate by humility or are they arrogant and demand you to obey if you are considering otherwise. Or is it done subtly by manipulating you into obeying by statements such as, real Christians obey their leaders or if you were following Jesus you would see what I’m saying is right. true disciples did not question Jesus.


    People telling you how talented you are and saying you can really go places. (flattery goes a long way in cults)

    An instant bonding of friendship without your knowing who they are or they really knowing you, they act as your best friend (love bombing still works).

    When you ask questions about their history or the group they are vague in their answers or avoid answering them. (not answering or postponing it makes it go away)

    Are you required to attend studies, going through the program before you are allowed to be a Christian. (this will attach you to the groups goals)

    Are they emphasizing their church and who they are, more than Christ. They teach that one can only be a Christian by joining them. (exclusive spirituality appeals to our pride and works well today)

    Cults will always divide the family unit instead of bringing them together. They will make you choose between God and their church. they use scriptures such as Jesus came to bring a sword not peace or one must give up brothers sisters wife and house for the kingdom and be a true follower Children often become the most hurt because of strict rules enforced on them.they lose their childhood and are deeply affected being unable to adjust later on in life.Religious systems that are not balanced can be socially and psychologically disastrous for innocent children. 


    What to do when confronted to join

    Say you're not interested and do not put up with their badgering and phone calls.wpe3.jpg (2458 bytes)Tell them you want time to think about what they are teaching before you become committed to their group. If they pressure you for attendance or continuing in their studies then you know this is not something good.

      If you are already a member, leave while it may be easy because it doesn’t get easier to leave later on.


    You have every right  to ask questions, lots of them in fact.   Ask about what other churches they are affiliated with.                     

    What is their history and the people involved and those they look up to for spiritual teaching. What books influenced them or what do they read.

    What is their doctrine, is their basic beliefs and philosophy of ministry on paper. If not, why not.

    Can you review on paper their revenues, are they open to the people and public. Do they review who gives what to the Church. Are peoples finances monitored?

    If others left can you find out why, or is mum the word. Do they allow you to speak to former members. If this is not allowed, this becomes the biggest check in joining quickly. Watch if they become uncomfortable in your asking about their origins or teachings.

    Give yourself some time if you're seeking to know God or looking for a church he will give you warnings and lead you. Don’t ignore the warning signs or checks on how they conduct themselves no matter how friendly the people are . Love and emotional attachments are an old ruse to have you accepted without any strings attached. This doesn’t last long. Ask what they do on their spare time .Many times ones talent and creativity is smothered as all their time goes toward the group or church. 

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    Their are 2 categories of cults one is doctrinally the other is sociologically.

    1. Almost all cults deny the Apostles creed which consists of the virgin birth, deity of Christ, his resurrection, his atonement aon the cross nd 2nd coming. They have tendency to pronounce other groups as apostate and they alone have the truth.

    3. They devalue or deny the deity of Christ.

    4. They have Extra sources of biblical revelation they may use Gods word with something else to interpret it

    5. They have salvation by works -either denying God's grace or add performance. It will not always be easy to spot. Mormons say they are saved by grace-this means from death and not the penalty of sin.

    6. They will deny a major doctrine. Cult like groups take a minor doctrine and make it a major. Ex: you must speak in tongues to be saved.

    The following are basic patterns, or characteristics, found in almost all cults that one can easily identify.

    Additions – Cults add to the Word of God by having additional writings they call scripture, or by saying that only the Bible is God's Word but you cannot understand it without their interpretation from their own teachers or books. The Bible is discouraged to be read alone.

    Subtraction – Cults subtract from the Person of Jesus by saying he is something less than Eternal Deity. Or they will add their own teacher as deity. 

    Multiplication – Every false religion has works as part of their system of salvation. They also usually specify what works must be performed at a certain level for acceptance to their group and God.

    Mediators- They will always have others involved for ones salvation by others. For the J.W.’s it is the 144,000. for the International Churches of Christ its discipleship partners. For Mormons it is to join their church for salvation and use their materials- Doctrine and Covenants, Journal of Discourses and the Melchizedek priesthood.

    Divisive – Cults have people choose by dividing a person's loyalty. It's God through their leadership by claiming to be the only Spokesman or group for God. They also require obedience to their leadership to be in right standing with God. They do not tolerate another’s differing opinions and it is looked upon as being divisive or of the enemy. 




    Ignoring the labelling issue..

    if you take out the phrase and not by Jesus Christ in that first section you arguably describe the early church. The rest of that first article is pretty good though.


    and the second article is pretty good though I would say the apostles creed is suspect in the details while okay in the grand picture, so I am not sure on that one point,


    but a lot of good thoughts on this  post 🙂



    It is difficult to see that the Bible has been added to…people come to see that they need someone to interpret the Bible for them.  They don't see that their many notes on the side, in the margins, or in lessons have added to the Bible, just as the JW's with their New World Translation and Mormons have with the BOM and Moonies have with their version, and so on and so on, ad infinitum with these groups.

    Bottom line, remove & replace is the M.O. whether it is scripture, family, friends…..



    sounds like a good summation. Remove and replace, I like it






    I spell the European way. colorful, I meant.



    I agree with most of KF's post here save for a couple of things that I'm not so sure how to see it. "Mediator." I mean no offence/offense to any Catholic when I say this, but is the virgin Mary considered a mediator? If not, then we can throw my thought on that out the door. Also, as a born Catholic I know #9 of the Apostles Creed, if I were to number the contents, may pose some agreement descrepancies for non-Catholics. Please…. no offence intended to any Catholic. I'm not here to debate Catholicisim one bit. The same way a Catholic is not here to debate non-Catholics but WMSCOG. 

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