"He is Elijah because…"

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    This comment was left on Ahnsahnghong's Tombstone Says "The Prophet Elijah", Not Jesus on 11/14/12

    Wendy Adams says:

    He is Elijah because he prepares the way for Heavenly Mother who give us eternal life. Just as earthly mothers give life to their children, our Spiritual Mother gives spiritual life to her children. Simple is a simple does. But he also is our Father from heaven, Jesus was His name the first time He came, and the bible tells us that Jesus will have a new name, and that he will give us the hidden manna. The hidden manna is the Passover, and the new name is Ahnsahnghong. The bible clearly says that Jesus will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation. Salvation is thru the New Covenant Passover and our Heavenly Mother brings her children who celebrate the Passover to heaven at the last day. God bless you

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