God desires unity

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    I just wanted to say that we should all try to maintain a certain level of respect for one another here in the forum.  I know that some of the discussions can get pretty intense sometimes, but we should try not to attack one another.  Remember that there are probably other wms members that read this site and do not participate in the comments.  If I was still a member and I saw some of the inappropriate comments that some members are making, I might think to myself:

    "See, these people can't agree on what is right either.  I'm gonna go back to my wms bubble where things make sense at least on the surface".

    I think we need to focus on the goal of this forum which I think is to dicuss inconsistencies within the wms doctrine, personal experiences, etc and not to attack one another or one another's beliefs.  Let's work together.

    Mark 9:40 "whoever is not against us is for us"

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