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    Hi everyone,

    I have posted my former member testimony on YouTube. I was a member of the church for 10 years, I left a little over a year and a half ago. I’m finally ready to talk.


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    I enjoyed watching that video. Thanks for posting.




    I also enjoyed your video and can confirm that everything you said is true. I had the same experience .



    Amen! It’s important for us to talk about our experience about this place that way we can stop others from joining this place.



    New video up, my questions to the WMSCOG regarding Ahnsahnghong’s life. Basically I’m requesting proof for claims like he went to China to preach, him being baptized in 1948, him breaking stones for 37 yrs, him being poor and why he had to be baptized in the Seventh Day Adventist church. The WMSCOG teaches that his physical life doesn’t matter, then it should be easy for them to answer these questions.




    Questions for kayem

    1. Your last video (WMSCOG Former Member-Questions for WMSCOG Pt 1) on your YouTube channel listed 4 questions for wmscog:

    Question 1: Was there a train going from South Korea to China? How was it possible for Ahnsahngong to travel from South Korea to China in 1984?

    Question 2: How was it possible for Ahnsahngong to have money for a train ticket when his so poor?

    Question 3: Where is the proof Ahnsahngong was baptize in 1948? First prove was that Ahnsahngong’s bible? Second prove that was that Ahnsahngong’s handwriting?

    Question 4: Where is the proof that Ahnsahngong broke stones for 37 years? According to Ahnsahngong’s son he only broke stones for a month.

    you said at the end you were going to ask doctrine questions in your part 2.

    2. When can we expect part 2 WMSCOG Former Member-Questions for WMSCOG?



    Also, what happened to your videos? Now you only have 1 video, before you had a few. Did wmscog file a complaint against you?

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