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    On 10/05/12, the same pro-WMSCOG visitor used the following handles to leave these comments on the article Who Is Ahn Sahng-Hong? which have been moved here for further debate:

    From "john"

    i dont think it is true

    i have read the bible tHAT IT SHOWS THAT the bible testifies about them

    From "rock"

    is this really true i dont think so because when i see the bible i feel that the bible testifies about them

    From "mark"

    i feel that i should focus on the bible more then reading the comments also. the i fell that they have almost fulfilled the prophecy

    when i see his life

    From "rosy"


    i have ready the bible and it is hard to deny their teachings.

    From "cecila"

    i got to know about Ahnsahnghong from one of my friends. and i do not agree with your comments.

    From "shilpa"

    from your comments i can see that your knowledge of the bible is very poor therefore i think you should leave the WMSCOG alone and change your focus on with your life

    Thanks for your contributions to the site pro-WMS member.  One suggestion, it might be better for discussion if you use fewer handles, don't repeat yourself, and wait for a response to your first comment before adding several others. 

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