Ferry disaster in korea

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    Here's an article about the shenanigans around the Sewol accident in korea not so long ago.

    This made the news, but in case someone missed it 😛


    Cults are very trendy nowadays in korea. They somehow manage to stay under the radar for a long time, even most koreans haven't heard of them.

    No more.



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    Ms Freedom

    Thank you Smurf for posting this! Very interesting article! They basically give 3 criteria for determining whether a group is a cult or not:

    1. The freedom to affiliate or disaffiliate from the group

    2. The transparency of its leadership structure

    3. The groups attitude toward the larger society (exclusivist and condemnatory attitude toward society)

    WMSCOG fits all 3



    Thank you my little blue friend for this link!

    Ms Freddom you're right about the criterion fitting the WMS.

    I also like the point that with cults everything is "yes" and "no" and that's what appeals to many (myself included) but thank God I snapped out of it!



    I met Professor Tark about 4 years ago.  He is really an asset for anyone dealing with cults, trying to understand how they operate. he did a section on the WMS at the ICSA Convention.

     Good work bringing this article to light Smurf. 



    Just a thought.

    What happened to those kids was very tragic, but I wonder if any of those who died were affiliated to the wms in any way. What would kjc say to that? That those kids deserved to die because they didn't eat bread and wine or was it because they tried to take out mama z in heaven? Imagine the guilt and heart ache and pain that the parents would go through over something so tragic. Such pain and loss would be made worse by the cult, the shame on those who were associated but yet they died is pure torment.

    And similarly if there were any who survived and were affiliated to the cult the bond to the cult grows even stronger. It would make them feel like mama z was really looking out for them because of their faith.

    This teaching about coming from heaven and trying kill god is truly evil.

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