Ex-WMSCOG Members in Northern Virginia / Washington D.C.

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    I’m trying to find and meet ex-wmscog members who have left the church in the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. area. My wife got recruited into this group while traveling by bus to North Carolina and the rest has been downhill. It would be very helpful to meet ex-members to discover how you realized it was time to leave and see if you have any advice to share on how I can get my wife to realize this is bad news.

    My wife used to travel with me all over, now she won’t go anywhere the church is not within a close distance. We haven’t been able to do anything on a Saturday forever now, she spends 12 to 14 hours at the church on Saturday. Tuesday evening she also spends the evening there. On Easter this year she spent 36 hours out of 48 hours on the weekend at the church.

    If you can have advice please DM to share with me that I can use to save my wife.

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    I would like to anonymously thank the people who have responded by DM’s. If you post on this forum there are people answering who can help. I respect their choice to stay secret, and I’m grateful for their responses.

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