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    Good Morning,

    I am specifically asking ex members to comment here PLEASE.

    I am very interested to know what Bible verses impacted your decision to leave the WMSCOG.

    I know that arguing with my loved one about theology, or translating Ahn’s books and pointing out where he misquotes the Bible, or whatever I think are unmistakable red flags, doesn’t work. Because she is brainwashed. But, the Bible, the Living Word of God, will make it through all the walls made up of lies from satan. God is omnipotent. His Word promises us that He will reveal Himself to the decieved. So, I want to help deliver the blow to satan by giving Bible verses only, not my opinion, to my dear loved one. Thank you so much. Please every ex member that reads this, respond. Ask your friends who were members to come here and leave a comment, and I hope they will all ask their friends. Because, I’m tired of seeing my elderly parents heart broken because their baby girl, who is now a married woman, is so deceived. I am ready for God to bring truth to her and my brother in law, so my niece and nephew aren’t brainwashed growing up. Please help me do this the correct way. I know in my own words and strength, I can prove or change nothing. But, God can. Thank you again.

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    The reason why I do not want to have children with my wife is fearing that she will teach them about the false christ ahn and false goddess zhang gil jah



    I’m so sorry to hear that. I am praying for you and your wife.



    DO NOT throw bible verses at a member they are trained with written lists of rebuttals and “proof” that the devil is speaking through you. I joined the “church” for about 6 months because my wife became a member, I did it to study them and find holes in their teachings. The mindset they have makes their misinterpretations flawless (to them). I found that religious argument with the members is unproductive. My approach was based on straight logic, looking at a person you love and telling them that their religion is wrong is inappropriate in any circumstance. Especially when the group they are in are manipulative.

    Explain the situation to them differently, break it down with logic, show them cold hard facts that can not be refuted (a bible verse is not a cold hard fact), be understanding (look at it from their point of view, that’s the most important part).

    Here are some facts to start with-

    Ahn was not the first to bring back the Passover, Armstrong was (they will say it wasn’t done correctly with the “prophesy” but it was this website can show you)

    Cults are cults, show them what a cult is. Because WMSCOG is a cult they exhibit every single attribute

    Ask them how much money does WMSCOG make in a year. Do the math in front of them 50 members per house church 50k average salary per yer per person 10% tithing 5000$x 50= 250k. The bills to run a small house church are about 50k per year which equals out to 200k profit. make it clear that your not adding in any random donations which are expected on 4 different occasions per week which is another 20$ per person on the low end which equals out to 20$x 50 members (52k per year). So on the low end 50 members in one church bring in at the lowest 150k per year (its better to lower the number to make it more insane when the person your telling hears the final result). Now for the complicated part, use 50 people per church as profit of 150k per year and 2.5 million members. 2.5million/50= 50k. (50,000 x 150,000)=  $$$7,500,000,000$$$ Profit you can take a billion out of that for charity 6.5 billion all non taxable. That’s quite a bit considering that no one is paid and it all goes to a few people.

    Tell them to ask the leader their questions and require REAL answers.

    Show them the lawsuits against the church (the factual allegation parts).

    Show them love, kindness, and respect. Don’t get mad at them for not believing you, they are only human and are flawed as we all are give them time they will realize that WMSCOG is dangerous in time.

    When and if the facts set in all of the teachings have major holes. Its literally like swiss cheese the first fact on this list proves that. All of the teachings are based on the fact that Ahn is God because he brought back the passover. But if he didn’t than everything falls apart because how can a man interpret the Bible.



    There are Bible verses to use, but you certainly cannot “throw them at members,” as you say, Marky. You must be prepared to use them in conjunction with logic and history, and different people respond to different things. So it’s good to figure out what a particular member needs to hear to help them.




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