Ex Deacon fighting for his freedom of speech

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    Hi. My name is Raymond Gonzalez and I was a Deacon at the WMSCOG in New Jersey. While I was a member, we had to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibited us from talking about our experience.

    I became a witness in lawsuits between the WMSCOG, ex-members and critics. The WMSCOG has taken this opportunity to use the confidentiality agreement to chill my speech and prevent me from testifying. As a result, I decided to take this group to court so that a court can declare the confidentiality agreement null, void and therefore unenforceable. I want to be able to speak out about my experience so that I can warn other members of the public, and I know that other former WMSCOG members who signed the confidentiality would like to do the same.

    Since the costs of litigation are so high, my wife and I have started a GoFundMe campaign. We are asking people to join us in this fight. Even a really small donation can help.


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    What made you and your wife finally decide to leave the cult?

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