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    Dear upset grandparents, parents, siblings, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends and friends,

    I know you probably have someone u love and care that is currently imprisoned in the WMSCOG willingly. We do realise that WMSCOG is like a virus.. They constantly build a barrier for our loved ones and the thicker the barrier the harder our loved ones will listen to us. Whatever you say to your loved ones it just repels..

    This main purpose for this thread I started today is that I wanna start DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of discussing in this forum.. It’s true that the information given here is extremely helpful but the thing is our loved ones are not open to looking into these information.. My gf is always telling me that why look at the Internet instead of studying in church with the Bible? I believe u guys experienced that as well. They are always telling us that Internet is Satan’s work to prevent people from knowing the truth.. They are slanders.

    I want to start an active group in terms of constant discussion on exposing the WMSCOG and in order to do that the first step I need to do is to start a group. I will need people with loved ones trapped in the church and ex members to join this group.

    Please do pm me your mobile number WITH your country code so I can add u into my WhatsApp group. Together we are strong!!! Together we will save more souls!!!

    Pm me your name and mobile number WITH your country code

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    Brian Taylor

    What kind of activities do you propose this new active group carry out? How will these activities be effective in making current members not want to be in the WMS?

    Gathering people’s personal information is a tid bit problematic because, unless people here already know you personally, you could be from the WMS yourself gathering data on detractors, I mean, How do we really know that you’re not?



    Well, you’re right Brian.. What I actually have in mind is to get to know more ex members especially those that have been in the church way before so they have tons of information we need. Id also like to arrange meet ups with people against the false teaching of wmscog and with more people we can brainstorm on ways to expose them.

    Once we have tonnes of information we will print them out and distribute to current members and people who are invited to their Bible studies. But yes u are definitely right. It’s hard to get personal information from people because they might assume I’m a member trying to gather info.. To be honest I myself am a little concerned about establishing an active group.. I believe there are wmscog spies around here eyeing on the activity.. I believe at one point many are awakened by the information shared here this is why they made their own site called examining wmscog.. Its disgusting! Go look up on YouTube and search for exposing wmscog and you will see first 5 or 6 videos are all from themselves.. That’s fucked..

    Anyway I found an interesting info that I would like to share

    Additional info that can be found in Wikipedia. Just search for Ahn Sahng Hong and here goes:

    (As a central argument to the claim that Ahn Sahng-hong should be the Second Coming of Jesus, and in turn an argument for his suggested promotion of Zahng Gil-jah to the Bride of the Lamb, is the proposition that he fulfilled a Davidic prophecy by preaching 37 years from his baptism 16 December 1948 to his death on 25 February 1985, a period which in reality was only 36 years, 2 months, and 9 days. The source for the baptismal date of 16 December 1948 performed by a Pastor Lee Myeong-deok in Incheon is however obscure, and no written record exists. In 2011 a protocol from the Seventh-day Adventist Church was discovered, stating Ahn was baptised when he was 36 years old on 9 October 1954 by a Pastor Gim Seo-gyeong. The investigation by The International Korean Christian Coalition against Heresy showed, that while Pastor Gim could be confirmed, no Pastor Lee Myeong-deok was with the church in 1948, reducing the length of the ministry of Ahn from 36 years to 30 years and 4 months.)

    Source: Wikipedia



    First of all, many members are not aware that ASH was from a 7 day adventist church and the reason why I say that is because my gf is unaware. Members of wmscog did not bother going to Wikipedia or Internet to find out more about this man ASH and zhang gil jah because they think they would be eating from the tree of good and evil something like that..

    Anyways, there were no written record of ASH’s baptism date so in total he only preached for 30 years. Korean authorities are being bribed to shut their mouths. Just look at recent news a Korean cult leader was caught



    Saidai…..While I admire your excitement to get something going to exose this group, I also know that some of us have had the same excitement and already tried this and have hit brick walls.  Some of us have been doing this for over 5 years now.  Personally, I'm not ready to provide my information to someone I don't know.


    Mayor and Mike

    You want to do something about it? 

    Ah yeah…


    Now that you mention it, the wms knows about it too. Notice however the crazy spam that just popped up now that you want to start up a group. 

    I like the idea however. Im currently getting coordinated so to speak with an ex member myself. So yeah, you and me both saidal.



    I would love to meet up. If you are worried about the wms spying on you then that is just another red flag. If they are caught spying then they should be exposed and just another sign they are a cult! Just like scientology!! I wouldnt put it past them they have cameras up and spying 24/7. Im willing to start a group. Im willing to do anything to get my husband out.


    Mayor and Mike

    My overseer would put cameras inside my house if he could. I'm totally worried myself. You should see all cameras he put around his small church building.  I should count them all. I'm going to say 15 as a guess. He's got 15 cameras for no reason outside. That's not counting the ones inside. 

    (the ex member I know wants to "shut 'em down", we are joining forces)  (Also, I thinks he's in another continent)



    What do they expect to find? Us telling the truth lol. I saw a YT video of one of the churches in LA and it was gated and had a ton of cameras. It looked very scary. No place I would want to enter. Why so many cameras? It literally makes them look like the bad guy.


    Saidai I sent you a PM about this with some ideas.  Local meetup groups are a great idea and can be very helpful.  Thanks!


    Mayor and Mike

    My old Zion was located in a good part of the city. While properties values dropped 10-20 thousand in most of the city starting this year, that neighborhood went up in price. The lie I was told was there is crime in the area and something happened. The actual reason for cameras in my old Zion was my overseer wanted to spy on the congregation. I've never seen him so happy after everything was set up. He wanted more control. 

    The church is listening to the truth as we speak. 🙂



    I would like to help organize a group chat for ex members specifically coping with the mental side effects from leaving the cult. I recently started therapy and would like to know if anyone else has the same issues I have had with leaving, and if we could potentially help each other. Trying to explain this to my therapist is challenging but helpful to have an outside view, however, a relatable inside view could also be valuable.



    @Square 1 you can message me. I have no problem explaining to you some of the mental effects I’ve dealt with and overcome. I’m going on two years out next month and I still deal with some issues but I find strength everyday and there’s nothing greater than knowing I am free from them.


    Mayor and Mike

    I think that's a great idea. Find an ex member you have some things in common with and connect with them. That's awesome. 


    Mayor and Mike

    @the wmscog. I'm offering help and support to an ex member you relocated on the sole basis she is an ex member. I love that she wants to shut you down. 🙂 

    (put this in your notes wms)

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