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    WMS brother

    Perhaps if the people of this forum are so wise and learned in Christ. So very wise and learned in history. So sure that all of the WMSCOG interpretations are wrong and boasting you were able to discount them at every turn.

    Then surely, such people with a clear understanding of the truth, can teach ME.

    Reveal to me then, the secrets of God, show me the deep mysteries revealed from the Sealed Scroll. For surely you must have the wisdom of the holy spirit, and can prophecy and answer all things as saints of God.

    What does the Sealed Scroll in Revelations contain?

    Who is the Root of David?

    Tell me what is Christ's New Name, for isn't written he will have a New Name?

    Tell me which nation God is referring to, when he declares a man will come from the east?

    Tell me what the holy spirit will be teaching us in the last days?

    Tell me, since God commands us to find King David in the last days, who is he?

    Tell me, since God promised that the entire world would be corrupted by Satan, exactly when and where did that happen?

    Answer me, what is the nation which comes after Babylon?

    What is the nation that comes after that nation?

    What is the nation which comes after that nation, the one that has ten horns?

    Which nation is the one that defeated three other kingdoms for religous purposes, while also building a new soverign land for a boastful man who pretends to be god?

    Which nation has oppressed the saints of God for a time time and half of a time?

    Which nation has changed the set time and laws of God?

    Those examples and clues all come from the same nation, so surely you can tell me which nation it is?

    Since I want to avoid the beast and Devil, can you tell me what they used to replace true teachings with?

    Jesus says that the sign of the fig tree will mark his coming and the end of the age, can you tell me what is the Fig tree?

    Can you tell me what the bible means when it says that before the end, during the time of the fig tree, the sky will roll up like a scroll?

    During what event in history were islands and mountains beset with such a great explosion?

    Can you list for me all the churches which are Weeds in Jesus examples, and which ones are Wheat?

    Can you tell me why God wants to destroy the earth for all of its wickedness?

    Can you tell me what possessed Jesus to rebuke Christians who believe in him and call them Lawless Ones?

    Can you tell me how it is that I am not saved merely by believing in Jesus, and calling on his name like those Lawless examples?

    If I need to do more than just believe, then how much faith must I have?

    If I need to do works along with my faith, then which works and how many?

    When God says that in the last day his own people have violated the covenant, what does he mean?

    Can you tell me why Satan could flying to heaven as an angel with great power, after the garden of eden, during the time of Job?

    Can you tell me exactly which moment in history Satan lost all authority and was cast down to the earth?

    When did the great war in heaven take place?

    Who is the church John in revelations is talking to, when he says "you have forgotten your first love"?

    Why were people arguing about the date of Jesus' ressurection when it was clearly passover 14th, unleavened bread 15th, ressurection 16th?

    Why did people argue over such a simple fact, and why did they replace real and actual dates with fake man-made dates?

    Why do people make the excuse that because they are honoring Jesus, the actual dates don't matter anymore?

    Why were the man-made dates chosen, coincidentally chosen to be dates of Pagan holidays?

    Why would someone who believes in Christ wish to appoint holy days duting such a blatantly controversial time?

    What level of negligence lead to the Early Church forgetting how to read a clendar?

    Who was the first person to preach a different gospel and what was that different Gospel?

    Who started the arguments over doctrines?

    Why was all authority given to Anicetus and not Polycarp?

    Why did anyone care about the opinions of someone who argued with Polycarp?

    How many different denominations of Christianity were there in the early church?

    Besides Arianism, Messianic Jews, Quartodecimanism, The Nazarenes, The Nazarene Sect, The Roman Church, how many other denominations existed in such a time of great controversy?

    How do you know that the denomination which rose to power was in truth the original denomination of Christ?

    Why were all those other denominations of Christ killed off, put in prison, tortured, put in salt mines, put in regular mines, or exiled?

    Why would a church which belongs to Christ commit such atrocities?

    What are the seven thunders, and why are there exactly seven of them?

    Why is seven the perfect number, is there a connection between seven days and seven feasts and the rest of the 7 thousandth year?

    If God is truth, and carbon dating has decent enough accuracy to show us pottery and ruins from biblical lore, then why does that same truthful technology not then agree with creationists when human bones are found predating 6,000bc?

    Is God wrong, or is the interpretation wrong?

    If the Roman Catholic church is not the Beast which changed God's set times and laws, then which other nation has its church membership in government whom did also change God's set times and laws and whom did opress the saints even imprisoning them or martying them?

    Then God warns Ezekiel that members of his very of Church of God will, in the future, bow down to Tammuz; who is he talking about, where will it happen, how will it happen, and when will that happen, or has it already happened?

    I have many many questions more, years worth of deep thinking and revelations from God. But surely you can satisfy these questions of mine.

    Surely none of you will have differing answers, as surely there is only one true gospel, and anyone who preaches a different Gospel may be eternally condemned.

    For I am not impressed by the logic or faith of this website, nor with its jeering, bad attitudes, and slander. Nor with its membership, whom profess knowledge, yet bicker even among themselves.

    Satisfy my questions then, as only those in the last days who have recived Christ can.

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    emil wrote:

    WMS brother wrote:

    I repeat that until we can become undivided in observing even the most basic and fundamental truths, such as sabbath, once per year passover, and once per year ressurection day, it is pointless for me to try to persuade you.

    Unfortunately those are what you call fundamental truths. My idea of what is fundamental truth may not correspond with yours even though we both use the bible as our source. Can you at least see that?

    My idea of the most basic and fundamental truths differs from you also, WMS brother.

    Your most basic and fundamental truths are Sabbath, Passover and Resurrection Day.  Here are mine:

    –Worship only the one true God

    –Jesus is the Christ and God in the flesh, who was crucified (died), buried, and resurrected

    –Salvation cannot be earned by our own efforts.  It is a gift by the grace of God.

    I believe who you worship is more fundamental and important than how you worship.


    WMS brother wrote:

    >Jesus says that the sign of the fig tree will mark his coming and the end of the age, can you tell me what is the Fig tree?

    >>Exactly the things He said. Prophecies can have multiple layers of fulfilment. The destruction of Jerusalem was a "minor apocalypse" and the end will be similar.

    So then what time period is the time period where the fig tree's leaves are tender again even after being destroyed?

    >Can you tell me what the bible means when it says that before the end, during the time of the fig tree, the sky will roll up like a scroll?

    >>I am not sure what verse you are referencing.

    The sixth seal, the one that gets opened right before the end.

    Revelation 6:11 & 14

    "11 … they were told that they should rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants … would be completed also."

    "14 The sky was rolled up like a scroll, and all of the mountains and islands were moved from their places."

    Before the end of the world, is there any event in history where something parts the skies and blows up mountains among islands?

    WMS brother, you believe the 6th seal was fulfilled with World War II, right?  If that's so, please tell what the fulfillments of seals 1-5 were.

    WMS brother wrote:

    >Can you tell me what possessed Jesus to rebuke Christians who believe in him and call them Lawless Ones?

    >>Verse please?

    Matthew 7:21

    "21“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven … Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name … 23“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; … YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’"

    The ones Jesus rebuked in this scenario were not Christians.  They may have used the name "Christian" for themselves, but they did not really know Christ and did not really believe in Him.  Therefore, your premise that Jesus called "Christians who believe in him" lawless ones is inaccurate.

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