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    shimon wrote:

    saying that because birds of prey peed on the dead it can't be god is an illogical. jesus is called a lion

    there are very strong reasons why the prophecy cannot be about Christ . Such as "you don't acknowledge me"

    Well I agree with you.  Maybe I didn't explain myself well.  I meant that we have to look at the context of each verse before making a sweeping generalization and saying that "bird of prey" always means God or never means God.  It's like the "cloud means flesh" claim.  First of all, no it doesn't, and one can only arrive at that conclusion if you completely ignore the conext and forget what a metaphor is.



    saying that because birds of prey peed on the dead it can’t be god is an illogical. jesus is called a lion

    there are very strong reasons why the prophecy cannot be about Christ . Such as “you don’t acknowledge me”




    Did you read the article linked above?  If not here's the link again.  The wms confuses the terms "bird of prey" and "eagle" and says that they are the same in the Bible.  That is incorrect.  God's qualities are compared to those of an eagle (Exodus 19:4, Deuteronomy 32:11) but eagles are seen as birds of prey in other verses (Job 9:26, Habakkuk 1:8).  Birds of prey feed on the dead and other beasts (Genesis 15:11, Isaiah 18:6, Jeremiah 12:9, Revelation 19:21).  

    This is just another example of why the context around the verses is very important and should not be overlooked.



    The post I replied to compared Cyrus to a bird of prey. 

    genny August 18, 2011 1:38 PM

    Cyrus is compared to a bird of prey. He and his army were extremely swift. (See Hosea 8:1 for another general and army being compared to a bird.) Cyrus himself said he wanted to be known as a “winged” or “flying man.” The standard of Cyrus was an eagle. You can see him in ancient art depicted with wings. He is also said to have had an aquiline nose–that’s a nose that resembles the curved beak of an eagle.

    Yes, in the ancient world, Cyrus was compared to a bird of prey.

    About the ends of the earth, the farthest corners, notice Is. 41:8-9 says,

    “But you, Israel, my servant,

    Jacob, whom I have chosen,

    you descendants of Abraham my friend,

    I took you from the ends of the earth,

    from its farthest corners I called you.

    I said, ‘You are my servant’;

    I have chosen you and have not rejected you.”

    God is talking about the Israelites here–plural, not just one person. These two verses are not about the ‘bird of prey.’ The ‘but you’ tells you He’s changing who He’s talking about.

    Actually it really is talking about singular, Israel, the seed of Abraham.

    However it is true that it's really confusing when bird is attached to God. Because in Jesus' parable of seeds it is said that birds represent Satans angels. Mat 13:31 doesn't exactly say it. I can't find the verse at the moment so. I'm not even sure if it exists anymore but I remember talking about birds as satans angels at least.



    Who said Cyrus is compared to a bird of prey?   I never heard this.  But, I have heard Cyrus is prophesied to come from the east.


    This comment was originally posted by asd on Jesus Christ Prophesied to Return From The East? Part 1 — Isaiah and has been moved here for further discussion:

    In your words: Cyrus was represented as eagle, Cyrus was compared to bird of prey. So you think as well that eagle = bird of prey and God was compared to eagle.

    What about "Israelites here–plural"? You clearly quote a line "But you, Israel, my servant," my servant. It sounds singular to me. Even better "I said, ‘You are my servant’;"

    But well you can make any contradict by using the Bible. The book is so long and difficult that sometimes it feels like it contradicts itself.

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