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    Again, you will know them by their works! DECEPTION, DECEPTION, DECEPTION!!!

    Why do you need to set up a mock "cult research" site, so you can mislead people that you're cult researchers?

    Pretending to be someone you're not is equal to lying. Once again, wms has done a better job at proving they are a cult than anyone else 🙂


    @ Heinrich: this is exactly what we see with other cults and the organisations you mentioned in another thread. Cults pretending to be cult experts and manufacturing many sites for disinformation.

    One thing comes to mind: Wolves in sheep's clothing, people. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

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    how obvious can you get???



    I realized about that website about a month ago and all I can do is laught! They are desperate to convince people that they are not a cult or similar to one. Why is it that so many parents don’t agree with their children to be there? Why is it that many hide from their parents their participation in the church? Why is it that the family bond is harmed by the church? If you are not similar to a cult stop breaking families and start uniting them. There should be harmony between the gospel work and family we do not live in the times of Christ anymore. Because of this group I do not trust any religion any more including them. Why is it people getting married at this church for all these different reasons but not love? You know if I ask every question I have it doesn’t matter because they will never be answered and because there is not a clear answer for them. And even if there is I will not trust it.



    i've been there too a number of times and ever i go i'm posting some comments but when i return, i don't see my comments posted.  the site i think is administered by one skyblueguy.  




    Thanks, Elaine.

    But I keep thinking… for some WMS members to start posing as independent cult researchers things must be getting really out of hand there.

    I wonder if such actions are approved/initiated by Headquarters. The person behind the site, Kim Hyeon-ja, is obviously korean, so hq may be behind this.

    Luckily, after you read a couple of articles on the "cult research center" site, you can see they are not really independent cult researchers like they would want you to think.



    One year has gone by and nothing has changed. Deception is still their main method of recruiting.

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